How to Reset a Treadmill Without a Screen? 3 Tips should you do

Reset a Treadmill Without a Screen?Factory resetting your treadmill is sometimes necessary, whether the treadmill has run into some sort of problem or you’re selling it. If your treadmill has a screen, then the process is typically very easy. However, if your treadmill doesn’t have a screen, then the problem can be a bit more complicated. 

Usually, different treadmill companies go about resetting their treadmill in different ways. Some of them have a reset button located somewhere on the treadmill. Hold that button down and then the treadmill should reset

However, this button can be located in a huge variety of places. Usually, it is put somewhere out of the way to prevent people from accidentally pressing it and restarting the whole treadmill. 

Of course, if you do want to restart your machine, then having the button somewhere out of the way can make things a bit difficult. In this article, we’ll go over a few different brands and help you figure out how each one restarts. 


First, Check Your Manual

Often, the easiest way to figure out how to restart your machine is to check your machine’s user manual. There will typically be a chapter about restarting, which will tell you exactly where the button is (or how to restart it in an alternate way). 

Your machine should have come with a manual when you purchased it. However, some people understandably throw these manuals away as soon as they’re done putting them together. If this is true in your case, then you may be able to find your manual online. 

We recommend looking up the model of your treadmill followed by “manual”. Many companies keep PDFs of their manual online, as they know many owners get rid of the manual when they purchase the machine

Usually, you can search in this online manual to figure out how to reset the treadmill. 

Sady, of course, many treadmills have directions that aren’t all that easy to read. In this case, you may want to look at alternative explanations, such as the ones we provide in this article. 

How to Restart Your Treadmill by Manufacturer

Reset a Treadmill Without a Screen

In this section, we’ll look at how to restart your treadmill according to the make and model of your treadmill. Just find the make of your treadmill below and follow the directions. 


To restart your freemotion treadmill, you’ll need to enter maintenance mode. To do this, go to the settings menu and then select the “I” icon. From here, you’ll have the option to enter maintenance mode at the bottom corner. Once in maintenance mode, you can access all sorts of different functions. One of these functions is factory reset, which is exactly what you want to be activating. 


First, you’ll need to put the treadmill in “inactive” mode. To do so, press the enter and power keys together and hold them for a few seconds. Now, you should be able to access a range of functions. 

One of these functions is to reset the console, which will reset the whole machine. 

Horizon Fitness

Press the end button to ensure that everything is cleared from the machine. Then, press and hold the stop key for three seconds. The reset will then take place automatically. 


First, switch the treadmill on but do not start your workout. In other words, it should be in dormant mode. Then, click “Clear 750” to enter the startup menu. The option for restarting your machine can be found there. 


There should be a reset button towards the bottom of the console. It will be set into the machine, so you will need a toothpick or pencil to press the button. However, once you press it, then it should reset your machine instantly. 


There are a few different ways these companies set up their machines. In some cases, you just need to switch the machine off and back on using the switch beneath the hood. Usually, this is near the power cord. After being turned off in this way, the machine will completely reset. 

In other cases, you’ll need to click the reset button. Usually, this is located somewhere on the console, though it does depend on the model. 

Other treadmills have to be put in programming mode and then reset. Usually, this can be done from the main menu. 


How you restart your Xterra console depends on the exact model. Some have a reset button, which can be pressed by something long and skinny, like a toothpick. Other times, you’ll need to restart it from the console, using the options found in the settings menu. 

If none of these options work, unplug the machine or switch it off. Turning it off should result in the machine restarting.

Life Fitness

Many of these treadmills have a restart button. You can select this button with a toothpick. Usually, it’s located somewhere on the bottom of the console out of the way. 

However, some of them have different reset functions. If in doubt, unplugging or turning off the treadmill usually restarts the whole system. 


This type of treadmill is a bit difficult to restart. Usually, you have to press multiple buttons at the same time, such as speed UP and ENTER. Sometimes, other keys are included in this function. 

When you press the buttons correctly, the machine will enter diagnostic mode. It should run troubleshooting on its own and let you know if anything is going on. Once you’ve run the diagnostic, press the CLEAR button to exit. 


This company uses the same software as NordicTrack, so they have a reset button that is usually underneath the treadmill. There should be a hole or button of some sort that allows you to reset the treadmill. 

Just press it and the machine will begin resetting. 

Sole Fitness

Resetting these treadmills is very easy. Simply press and hold the stop key for three seconds. Then, the machine will reset. 

FAQs Of Reset a Treadmill Without a Screen

Will Resetting a Treadmill Make It Start Working?

It depends on why the treadmill was broken to begin with. Sometimes, if there is a programming mishap or the treadmill just didn’t start up like it was meant to, restarting can fix the problem. However, restarting the treadmill will not make it work if there is a physical problem with the treadmill. 

For instance, if a lack of lubrication has increased the friction between the walking surface and belt a bit too much, then restarting isn’t going to fix anything. If the motor is broken, then restarting the treadmill isn’t going to fix it, either. 

However, if there is some sort of programming issue going on, a reset may fix it. Plus, resetting your treadmill is often not too much work. It is a good option to try before calling a professional, for instance. 

How Do I Reset My IFIT Treadmill?

It depends on the exact make and model of the treadmill. NordicTrack treadmills typically have a reset button somewhere. Usually, it is recessed into a hole, which means you’ll need to find something small to press it, such as a toothpick or pencil. 

Once you’ve reset the treadmill, you’ll just need to turn it on and the machine should automatically reset. 

However, this isn’t true for all their treadmills. Therefore, if you are having a hard time finding the reset button, it may be because your treadmill resets in a different way. In this case, check the treadmill settings for a reset option. 

When in doubt, check your treadmill’s manual

Is There a Reset Button on a Treadmill?

Some treadmills have a reset button, but some have to be reset in a different manner. Looking at your user manual can help you figure out which category your treadmill falls into. However, you can also Google your specific model online to help you determine how your specific model restarts. 

We’ve included many of the major brands above, as well. If you have a treadmill from a major brand, then the explanations above should help you. 


Resetting your treadmill is an easy way to troubleshoot programming problems. If your treadmill has suddenly decided not to work, then resetting the whole system often helps it work again. Luckily, most treadmills are pretty easy to restart. 

If you have your user manual, then it should lay out how to restart your treadmill. In this case, we highly recommend simply following the directions in your user manual. 

However, if you can’t locate your user manual, you still have a few options. For instance, you can check above for our explanation on various major brands. Most brands make their treadmills restart in similar ways, which we’ve explained above. 

On the other hand, you can also search online for your treadmill’s manual. Many companies upload their manuals online, as they know customers don’t always hold onto them. Then, you can simply look online for the directions. 

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