How to turn off Proform elliptical

Proform brand is a very well-reputed brand among home exercise fitness machines manufacturers. The brand is well-known for its high-quality products including Ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes. 

Regarding ellipticals, Proform introduced different series of elliptical machines to the fitness world: 

  • HIIT elliptical trainer series.
  • Hybrid trainer series.
  • Carbon elliptical series. 

Each of these series consists of different models. Depending on your elliptical model, you can use different steps to turn off your Proform elliptical. 

Proform ellipticals come in two different options when it comes to switching the machine on and off.

The first category comes with an On and Off power switch. The other category of Proform ellipticals does not feature a power switch. They are self-powered by the motion generated by the user.

But before switching off your elliptical, you need to know how to turn it on. 

To switch on Proform elliptical: 

  • Make sure that the power cord is plugged into a power source.
  • If your elliptical model features an On and Off power switch, press the switch. You can find the switch located near the elliptical power cord. 
  • Get on the elliptical, have a grip on the handlebars and place your foot on the footplates and start moving them. This is what will the machine start.
  • If your elliptical model doesn’t come with a power switch, stand on the elliptical and start moving the handle rails and handlebars until the machine starts.

This type of elliptical is called a self-powered machine, as mentioned above. 


So, how to switch off my Proform elliptical? 

Whether your elliptical is self-powered or non-powered, getting off the elliptical and leaving it for a few minutes until it stops moving is necessary before doing any further steps. 

Then you will only need to unplug the power cord of the elliptical from the power source. 

For non-powered ellipticals, press the power switch and then plug the power cord from the outlet. 

I’m having trouble turning off my Proform elliptical:

There are also several reasons why your elliptical won’t turn off, and those are: 

  1. Loose crank arms: As long as the elliptical machine parts like the foot pedals and handlebars are moving, the machine won’t turn off until all these parts stop moving. Having a loose crank arm, the machine will be noticing movement and won’t stop. To resolve this issue, you need to readjust or re-tighten the loose arm to stop it from moving and as a result, the machine itself will stop. To learn how to readjust this component, you can look it up, and you will find tons of instruction manuals that show you how to do it. This should not be a problem. 
  1. Batteries: Another reason of the most significant reasons why the elliptical won’t turn off, is if the machine batteries are getting to the end of their life span. This may cause this issue. Make sure to regularly replace the elliptical machine to have it working properly. 
  1. Bluetooth still connected: Some elliptical machines feature Bluetooth connectivity. Not disconnecting the elliptical Bluetooth, will make the machine turned on. Make sure to disconnect the Bluetooth after your elliptical workout routine to have it turned off. 
  1. Malfunction: If you are not encountering any of the issues listed above, it is most probably that you’re encountering a machine malfunction. You need to figure out what kind of malfunctions is causing your machine not to turn off. If your elliptical is still under warranty, contact the machine manufacturer to fix it for you. If not, we recommend that you hire an expert to fix the machine for you. 

Important Safety precautions when turning Proform Ellipticals on and Off: 

  • If you are putting your elliptical in a cold environment, or it has been exposed to cold temperature, make sure to warm the machine to room temperature before plugging the power cord into the outlet to avoid any electronic components damage. 
  • Before switching on the elliptical, make sure that all its components are securely tightened. 
  • Excessive heating may result in a fire, electric shock, or cause any injuries to people using the machine.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the power cable and any heated surfaces.
  • Don’t switch on the elliptical if the plug or power cord Is damaged. Using the elliptical when not working properly may lead also to serious damage.
  • Always make sure to unplug the elliptical power cord and then press the power switch to the off position when you are not using the machine. By doing this, you are preventing any premature electrical wear.
  • Keep the elliptical away from children to avoid any potential injuries, especially when in use.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how to switch off Proform elliptical: 

Why won’t the Proform elliptical turn on?

There are a few reasons why the Proform elliptical won’t turn on. 

The most common reason is dead or low battery power. To fix this, make sure to change the batteries in your regular elliptical maintenance to have the machine console powered up and working properly. 

Another reason is that the machine power cord is not plugged into a power source. Make sure you are plugging the elliptical cord into an outlet. 

When done both, and the machine is not still turning on, contact a professional service as you are most likely encountering an elliptical malfunction that needs an expert to repair. 

Do all elliptical trainers use electricity? 

There are two types of elliptical machines when it comes to operating mechanisms. 

  1. Self-powered elliptical trainers: meaning they use the motion generated by the user to operate. 
  2. Non-powered or electrical elliptical trainers: to operate this type of elliptical trainer, you need to plug it into a power source. Connecting the elliptical trainer to an outlet is to adjust the motion of the machine, power up the electronic console, or supply the machine’s resistance system. 

That being said, not all elliptical trainers use electricity to operate. In fact, most elliptical trainers are self-powered machines. 

Where is the power cord located on Proform ellipticals?

The power cord receptacle of Proform Ellipticals is located on the frame of the elliptical close to the bottom of the elliptical.

How can I use my Proform elliptical without IFit membership after the free trial expires?

If you don’t want to use the IFit benefits for a better exercise experience after the 30-days free trial ends, you can still have access to all the built-in programs of your Proform elliptical. Once the IFit trial expires, push the start button on your Proform Elliptical. This will begin the elliptical manual mode. You now get to adjust your workout settings manually. 

Where do Proform elliptical batteries go? 

The Proform ellipticals batteries compartment is placed at the back of the machine’s console. 

What type of batteries do Proform ellipticals use? 

Proform ellipticals use 4 D batteries to power up the machine console. 

How do you change the battery in a Proform elliptical?

To change your Proform elliptical batteries, follow these steps: 

  1. On the back of the console, unscrew the back cover.
  2. Remove the old batteries.
  3. Insert the 4 D batteries. 
  4. Fasten the screws of the back cover.

How to turn on the Proform hybrid trainer?

To activate the Proform hybrid trainer, you need to press the Bluetooth button for about 30 until the machine starts. The instruction manual of the hybrid trainer doesn’t say anything about that. You may find many users complaining about it. 

What type of adaptors do the Proform ellipticals use?

It depends on the model of your Proform elliptical. The majority of Proform ellipticals use a 6V Power Cord AC Adaptor. Some other models like The Proform 525 CSE use a 9V power cord. 

How to deactivate IFit subscription on Proform elliptical? 

To cancel your IFit membership plan, go through the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Log In to your account. 
  • Hover your cursor over your name in the upper right corner, then select “Settings”.
  • Click the “Membership plan” option on the left side. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click “End benefits”
  • Click on Continue to “End Benefits” until the Confirm Your Membership Cancellation window appears.
  • The final step is to click End Membership.

By following these steps, you can no longer Utilize the IFit programs for your elliptical training. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchased your IFit membership through the Google Play or the App Store, you will have to cancel it through your mobile phone settings.

Should I unplug my elliptical when not in use?

You should unplug your elliptical when not in use for several reasons. The most obvious is to save electricity

How do I turn off my elliptical?

gently stop to move and get off it.

Where is the power button on a ProForm treadmill?

on the right side if you are standing on the walking belt facing the display.

Should I turn off my Proform treadmill?

ALWAYS unplug your treadmill after each use.

Final words 

This article covered how to safely switch your Proform elliptical machine on and off. We also discussed how to solve any potential problem you may encounter when trying to turn on the elliptical or switch it off. If you have any further questions in mind than the ones we answered, do not hesitate to contact us directly or to leave us a comment in the comments section below. Best of luck! 

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