How Much Does an Elliptical Weigh ? Guess

Are you considering buying an elliptical machine, but you don’t know how much do they weigh or how much space do they take up? Continue reading for the answer to your inquiry!

Elliptical machines are known for their big size and heavy weight. Depending on the type of the elliptical you are purchasing, the weight varies dramatically.

On average, an elliptical machine weighs anywhere between 40 and 250 pounds. 

Commercial grade elliptical machines’ weight varies anywhere between 200 and 450 pounds. 


What are the factors that determine the elliptical machine’s weight? 

The weight of any elliptical machine depends on many factors like the sizing dimensions of the elliptical, the material used. Also, the flywheel weight and the model of the machine.

Here is how each factor affects the machine’s overall weight: 

The sizing dimensions 

The size of the machine is directly proportional to the weight of the machine. The bigger the size of the elliptical the heavier the weight. Make sure to look up the machine dimensions in the product description to know if it fits your home gym space or not. 

The material of the elliptical

The construction of the elliptical machines is often made of metal (like steel) or plastic. Cheaper models are often made of plastic parts, as a result, are lighter in weight than the machines made of metal. 

The metal construction of the elliptical makes it more expensive than plastic construction. The high-quality material indicates its durability and performance. However, the metal material used makes the machine way heavier and harder to move around. 

The flywheel weight

The flywheel weight can weigh up to 40 pounds. On one hand, the heavier the flywheel of the elliptical the smoother the transitions of the machine and the feel of it. On the other hand, having a machine with a heavier flywheel is like having a beast at home. It will be quite hard to move it without some extra hands or professionals to help you with the transfer. The heavier the flywheel weight, the more expensive the machine will be. 


The advanced models of the elliptical machines come with extra features like extra-large footplates to accommodate different users’ sizes, back support, a large LCD display. 

Some ellipticals include a media rack and a water bottle holder.

All these components make your workout experience more fun, however, they do add to the total weight of the machine.

So, what are the different types of elliptical machines? And how much does each type weigh? 

There are 4 types of elliptical machines based on the design and those are: 

  1. Standard ellipticals. 
  2. Elliptical cross-trainer. 
  3. Glider ellipticals.
  4. Foldable or compact ellipticals.

Standard ellipticals

This is the most common type among all. They come with a flywheel, handlebars, foot pedals, and a digital console. A standard elliptical machine weighs anywhere between 40 and 180 pounds. 

Cross trainer elliptical machines

This type is a bit more advanced type than the standard type. It combines two or 3 machines in one. 

An elliptical cross trainer target both your upper and your lower body muscles. they provide an effective low-impact total-body cardio workout. 

Because they come with more advanced features and components, they tend to be heavier than the standard ellipticals

Their weight ranges between 100 and 225 pounds. 

Elliptical gliders 

Elliptical gliders are the least complex type among all other types. They don’t feature a flywheel. Not featuring a flywheel makes the elliptical gliders lighter than the ones with a weighted flywheel. 

Unlike the other 3 types of ellipticals, which operate in a circular track, elliptical gliders pedals run in a swinging glider. 

They come in a very simple structure of handlebars, swinging foot pedals and an LCD display monitor. Their compact design makes them fit in smaller places. 

Compared to other types of elliptical machines, the Elliptical glider provides the lowest-impact cardio workout. 

Elliptical machine gliders weigh between 35 pounds to 150 pounds. 

Foldable elliptical machines 

This is the smallest type of elliptical machine; they are designed to fit under typical desks, thus they don’t feature handlebars.

 Compact under desk ellipticals are ideal for seniors. They support a seated position anywhere in the office or home for optimal comfort. 

Under-desk, ellipticals weigh anywhere between 15 and 50 pounds. 

How does the elliptical weight affect the transport process?

Elliptical machines are heavy, expensive, and sensitive exercise machines like treadmills. You need to take extra care when moving them from one place to another, even if this place is downstairs or upstairs in your house. 

While trying to move the elliptical machine, you are most likely going to harm yourself or cause your furniture damage. However, there is a right way to do it! 

So, what should I do to move my elliptical safely? 

Knowing how heavy elliptical machines are, moving them will be challenging. To move an elliptical machine without hurting yourself causing any damage to your house or to the elliptical itself, you will need to disassemble your elliptical first to move it. 

How to disassemble an elliptical machine? 

First, you will need to know the main parts of the elliptical that you are going to dismantle the elliptical into. 

Elliptical consists of 3 main parts: the pedals, the handlebars, and the flywheel. 

Dismantling the elliptical into these parts will make it way easier for you to move the machine safely. You are going to wrap and pack each of these parts to ensure they don’t get damaged during the transport. 

You can find how to disassemble your elliptical machine in this guide. Make sure you have all the necessary tools for the task to accomplish it properly. Disassembling an elliptical machine is no easy task. So if you believe that the job is beyond your skill level it is better to hire an expert service provider to break it down and move it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you move a heavy elliptical?

To move a heavy elliptical machine, you will need to dismantle it first to its main components.

You can do it by yourself by following the instruction of disassembling the elliptical machine carefully. Ask for assistance or hire a professional to do the job for you. 

Can I break down an elliptical?

Yes, you can. Elliptical machines consist of 3 to 4 main smaller parts that form the elliptical. These parts are: 

  • The Handle rails. 
  • The foot pedals
  • The body
  • The flywheel. 

You can even disassemble the main parts into smaller components, however, this will make it harder when reassembling it. 

Some types of ellipticals don’t come with a flywheel like the elliptical glider type. This makes it lighter than other multiplex types of the machine.

Once you have these components apart, you are now ready to easily transfer the elliptical anywhere.

Disassembling and moving an elliptical machine is not a one-man job. You will need some assistance to help you with the dismantling and moving process of the elliptical.

How many people are needed to move an elliptical?

Depends on the type of the elliptical. You can transport any compact under-desk elliptical because of its light weight.

When it comes to heavier elliptical types like the standard elliptical machine or the elliptical cross trainer, you will need at least two people to move an elliptical machine.

How much does an average elliptical weight?

An average elliptical machine weighs anywhere between 40 and 250 pounds. 

Elliptical machines come in different types. Each type has a different weight range. 

Do ellipticals come with transport wheels? 

Some elliptical machines come with transport wheels in the back or the front of the elliptical. The transport wheels allow for easy storage and movement. If you are looking for an elliptical machine with transport wheels, check the product description for the elliptical first, as not all models feature transport wheels. 

Are ellipticals safe around kids?

Elliptical machines are not safe around kids, especially during use. The moving parts can hurt the kids badly. You should use the elliptical in a separate room where kids can’t find it. 

Not to mention getting on the elliptical, can cause serious injuries starting from head injuries to a concussion if the kid falls off the elliptical.

Final words

Elliptical machines are weighty equipment, but don’t let their size upset you when purchasing one. There are professionals to hire, that know how to get the job done. You can even move them yourself if you followed the instruction carefully. Make sure to look up the weight of the elliptical you are having in mind to know how much help you are going to need to transfer it. 

Elliptical machines are worth the effort. They are life-changing low-impact machines. They help burn more calories, strengthen the heart and lungs’ health, and boost your overall endurance. 

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