How Fast Can a Treadmill Go? [Maximum Speed Possible]

How Fast Can a Treadmill Go? The speed of a treadmill varies widely from treadmill to treadmill. Certain treadmills will have different top speeds. Usually, these are listed in the description of the treadmill. (If it isn’t, it’s probably a reason to worry.)

Most lower-end treadmills can go about 8 mph to 10 mph. Typically, foldable treadmills and smaller options also fall in this range. However, some may go as slow as 7 mph, especially if they are designed to go under your desk or something of that sort. 

Some commercial treadmills can go as fast as 12 mph. Usually, these are the treadmill that you find at gyms and similar locations. You can purchase these for your home, but they tend to be quite expensive. 

If you’re a serious runner, though, these more expensive treadmills may be worth it. 

Very rarely, you may find a treadmill that can go 15 mph. However, these are extremely rare and often very expensive. Plus, they may lean on their higher speed a little too much, leading to worse overall performance. 


How to Read a Speed on a Treadmill

Treadmills often have different ways of indicating your speed. For instance, in many cases, your speed will be listed right on the screen. If you’re going 7 mph, your treadmill will tell you. 

Of course, it is essential that you have your treadmill listed in the correct unit. If you’re used to the metric system, having your speed listed in mph probably isn’t going to be very helpful. Fix your units as necessary and be sure to check them often. 

Some treadmills tend to “reset” their units long after you have fixed them. Sometimes, this occurs every time you unplug them. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re in the correct units every time you step on the treadmill. 

On the other hand, some treadmills only have “levels.” Therefore, it may show that you’re at the 4th speed, but not list what that speed actually is. For that, you’ll need to go look at your user manual, which should let you know. 

Typically, these are lower-end treadmills and may not have super accurate speeds. 

FAQs Of How Fast Can a Treadmill Go

What is the Max Speed on a Treadmill?

Some of the fastest treadmills in the world can go up to 25 mph. However, these are extremely expensive and often used to train athletes. Most people don’t need a treadmill that goes this fast, after all. 

In most gyms and fitness centers, the treadmills will reach a speed of 12 to 14 mph. Typically, this is all the average person needs. These treadmills are a bit expensive, which is why they go a bit faster. 

Furthermore, a treadmill that you purchase from home will probably have a max speed of closer to 10 mph. This speed will allow you to accomplish most training goals, especially if you’re just getting started. 

There are some home treadmills that go up to 12 mph, however. These are usually more expensive and likely heavier. 

Is There a Treadmill that Goes 15 mph?

There are some treadmills that go 15 mph. However, these are quite expensive and often not designed for home use. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase one, you should just plan on spending a pretty penny on a top-of-the-line treadmill. 

For instance, the t656 treadmill has a maximum speed of 15 mph, as well as a variety of other top features. However, it is extremely expensive. Therefore, you’ll need to consider whether you actually need a treadmill that goes this fast before deciding to purchase one. 

Is 10 mph on a Treadmill Fast?

10 mph on a treadmill is a brisk pace. It is the equivalent of a 6-minute mile, which is plenty fast for most people. Generally, you can easily get away with a treadmill that has a max speed of 10 mph. In fact, this is the max speed of most home use treadmills

You’ll likely need to work up to this speed if you’re a new runner. 

Which Treadmill is the Fastest?

There are new treadmills coming out all the time, so it is nearly impossible to figure out exactly which ones are the fastest. However, the fastest treadmills are usually those utilized by athletes, which often go up to 25 mph. 

With that said, these treadmills aren’t usually available to the general public. Usually, the fastest treadmill you’ll be able to find will go up to 15 mph. 

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look around for a faster treadmill, though. You may be able to find one that can go 16 or 17 mph. In all likelihood, these treadmills will allow you to go plenty fast, though you should expect them to be quite expensive as well. 

What Treadmills Do Marathon Runners Use?

It largely depends on the marathon runner. With that said, having a super-fast treadmill likely isn’t necessary for a marathon runner, as their running is mostly about endurance – not speed. Therefore, they can likely get away with any treadmill that is available for home use and goes at least 10 mph. 

With that said, marathon runners should be far more focused on the durability of the treadmill, since they will be using it for long periods. Treadmills are often built for thirty-minute periods. Any more than that, and they may wear down much faster than originally expected. 

What is the Average Running Speed?

The average running speed for a man is around 8 mph, while the average running speed for a woman is 6.5 mph. For most people, this is a comfortable speed that they should be able to sustain for a bit before needing to stop.

However, your experience will also factor into this substantially. If you are a regular runner, you’ll likely go faster than this. If you are very out of shape, you’ll probably need to start at a lower speed. 

Do Pro Runners Use Treadmills?

Yes, pro-runners do use treadmills to some extent. Generally, they don’t lean too heavily on this technology, though. There are some very fancy treadmills out there for pro runners, but that doesn’t mean that they all utilize these treadmills. 

Treadmills designed for pro runners are extremely expensive and not always available to the public. Sometimes, they are specifically designed for that particular runner.

Is Running 15 mph Fast?

Yes, this speed is quite fast, considering that it is over double the speed of the average person. Therefore, someone who can run this fast for a sustained period will be twice as fast as the average person that is in decent shape. 

Therefore, most treadmills that go up to 15 mph are never actually used at that speed. It is simply too fast for most people. 

Don’t think that you need to get a treadmill that can go to 15 mph just because it is the fastest speed. You don’t need a treadmill that can go this fast in the least unless you’re a professional. The average person will rarely need this speed – if ever. 


Most home treadmills go about 10 to 12 mph. Of course, it does depend on the exact treadmill you purchase. Because this is a bit faster than the average person can run, it is often more than enough for most people, especially if you’re just starting out. 

Professionals and hobbyists may need a faster treadmill, though. In these cases, you can find treadmills that go up to 15 mph, though they are much rarer and more expensive. Some fitness centers may have treadmills that go this fast, and it may make more sense to use them there than purchase your own. 

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