10 Best Elliptical for Seniors In 2023 and Buyer’s Guide

Exercising is mandatory for enhancing the elderly’s mobility, but it’s not always that fun!

For a senior or some elders with prior injuries or the ones who had surgery. Exercising can be challenging and exhausting. 

Elliptical machines are there for a reason. They are low-impact cardio workout machines that are stress-free on the joints. That is why elliptical are the first perfect choice for a senior who is looking for a piece of exercise equipment to keep fit while having fun. 

Elliptical trainers will help you as a senior to stay active and fit in the comfort of your home. Providing you with low-impact cardiovascular training that helps you burn more calories and protect your joints from any potential injuries.

If you are looking for the ideal elliptical machine with a reasonable price and high-quality materials, continue reading to choose the one that will best match your budget and needs from our top 12 rated ellipticals for the elderly. 


Best 10 elliptical machines for the elderly:

1.Sunny magnetic under desk elliptical machine for seniors

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Whether you like to watch TV, read a book, or knit a sweater during exercise, a sunny magnetic disk elliptical is the one for you!

The SF-E3872 Under Desk Elliptical by Sunny Health & Fitness comes fully assembled. Its compact and space-saving design makes it fit under any disk. 

The transportable elliptical will help you move your legs in a back-and-forth motion, providing you with a stress-free joint workout. 

The sunny magnetic SF-E3872 elliptical will help strengthen your heart and burn more calories while sitting. 

It also helps improve blood circulation and joints’ range of motion. 

The elliptical targets the lower body muscles. It comes with large textured foot pedals to provide the most comfortable low-impact workout while improving your endurance. 

The machine gives you a variety of training intensities as it features a manually adjustable resistance of 8 levels. 

Also, it comes with a digital monitor that tracks time, speed, distance, and calories burned; and It is an easily portable machine. 

With its handle, you can move it around anywhere, the garden, bedroom, or even your office.

Purchasing the sunny SF-E3872 under desk elliptical your money is well spent. 

  • Budget-friendly elliptical. 
  • A sturdy machine of steel material.
  • Comes fully assembled. 
  • The compact design makes it fit anywhere. 
  • Its transportation handle makes it easy to sit with you. 
  • Low maintenance and smooth training due to its paired belt drive mechanism alongside its magnetic resistance mechanism.
  • 8 resistance levels for different exercise intensities. 
  • Floor stabilizers for optimal stability. 
  • Large foot pedals that accommodate all users’ sizes and prevent any foot slippage.
  • Some reviews say that the machine develops a squeaking noise after a few uses. This can be fixed by using a lubricant on the black tracks, it should work as new. 
  • Some reviews complained about the customer service slow response. 
  •  Some users find it too heavy to move for an under-desk elliptical, although it only weighs 25lb.

2.Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine

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Reviewing the Best Heavy Duty Elliptical for Obese & Overweight, Schwinn 470 was given the editor’s award for being the best elliptical machine among the other reviewed products. 

The Schwinn 470 by the well-known Nautilus brand is the top of its line of elliptical machines. 

Given its advanced features and the technology used by the machine, Schwinn 470 is definitely one of the best elliptical trainers for the elderly. 

With a durable metal frame that supports a user weight of 300lb, the Schwinn 470 is the safest option for seniors. 

The large textured food plates allow comfortable striding. With its 20” Precision Path Stride, exercising has never been that comfortable with optimal stability. 

Supported by a 10° motorized ramp for easily controllable incline for more fun workouts. 

The machine also features 25 levels of magnetic resistance for a wide variety of workout options and intensities. 

For easy relocation and storage, the Schwinn 470 features transport wheels. 

Going on the Schwinn elliptical will help you burn calories while improving your endurance with a low-impact workout routine. 

Its weighted flywheel of 20-pound allows for fluid motion and stable striding. 

You get to set your workout goal and track it with the Bluetooth connectivity feature the machine offers. You also get access to global routes with the “Explore the world app”. 

The machine accommodates all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. 

  • High-end and durable frame made of steel. 
  • A stable and solid machine of 186 pounds weight.
  • Supports max user weight of 300lb.
  • Good value for the money. 
  • Quiet operations.  
  • Ideal for all skill levels. 
  • 20” Precision Path Stride length. 
  • Comes with a media rack and a bottle holder.
  • Comes with integrated speakers.
  • Comes with a transport wheel. 
  • 29 pre-built workout programs. 
  • 25 levels of magnetic resistance. 
  • Decent warranty on the frame (10 years), on the parts (2 years), and on the electronics (one year). 
  • Supports up to 4 users’ profiles. 
  • Bluetooth capability included. 
  • Includes both Contact & Telemetry to track your heart rate. 
  • 2 Dual Track backlit LCD to track and read your workout metrics. 
  • Ease of assembly. 
  • Goal setting and tracking features are included.
  • Poor warranty for labor (only 90 days) 
  • Some workout metrics may not be accurate, like the heart rate and calories burned. 
  • Some reviews complained about the Bluetooth connectivity that it only connects to specific applications like the Schwinn “Explore the world app” 
  • Some reviews say it offers a short range of motion compared to gym ellipticals. 

3.Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical

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For seniors, people with disabilities or mobility issues who are looking for a low-impact exercising machine to burn more calories and improve muscular endurance, the Cubii JR1 Mini elliptical is your way to go. 

It helps improve blood circulation and strengthen the legs muscles as it targets the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abductors, flexors. It also works your core body muscles. 

The machine was particularly designed to provide quick recovery for individuals who had surgeries. It is also a great machine for those with knees or back pain. 

It serves stress-free joint workouts. With a great range of motion, quiet and smooth operations making your daily exercise is more fun than ever. 

The Cubii JR1 features an integrated LCD digital monitor that tracks distance, number of strides, rate per minute (RPM), calories burned and more. 

It comes with an 8-level magnetic resistance to allow for different training intensities and options. 

Also, you get to move around the portable elliptical anywhere at your home or your office, for a comfortably seated exercise. 

  • Super easy to set up (in under 5 minutes) as it comes almost fully assembled except for the foot pedals. 
  • Very easy to use. 
  • Compact design.
  • Comes with a built-in digital screen. 
  • High-quality product. 
  • Sturdy and durable under desk elliptical that supports user weight of up to 250lb. 
  • Smooth and fluid movements. 
  • Whisper-free machine.
  • Ideal for post surgeries exercising or for seniors with back or knees problems.
  • Good range of motion. 
  • Features 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • 7-days free trial of Cubii studio+.
  • Some reviews complain that it is too heavy to move around (the machine weighs 27.65lb) 
  • Price may be expensive for some buyers.
  • Targets limited body muscles. 
  • Only 1-year machine warranty.

4.Teeter FreeStep LT-3 Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

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The Teeter FreeStep LT3 is one of the top-rated elliptical machines in the market, given its premium features and high-end components. 

If you ever search the Best elliptical bike combo, you will find out that the Teeter FreeStep LT3 is the number one choice among almost all fitness experts. 

The machine is a combination of a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine. That means, by purchasing this Cross trainer, you are leveraging the training possibilities of 2 machines instead of just one.

The perfect workout choice for those who are suffering from Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is also ideal for individuals who are looking for a great psychological therapy solution and the ones who are recovering from prior injuries.

It also allows a low-impact total-body workout that boosts more calories burned in less time. 

The Teeter FreeStep LT3 is supported by an adjustable, large ComfortSelect Seat to provide different positioning options. Adjustable,

The patented moving handlebars ensure optimal stability during workouts. 

The machine is commercial grade engineered with premium UltraGlide Bearings that allow zero fraction between transitions, fluid, and smooth motion. 

You get to choose from 13 levels of resistance to match your training intensity. 

The dual power motion provided by the machine reduces fatigue during exercise by distributing muscular effort throughout the entire body.

You can work different muscle groups as the machine targets both lower and upper body muscles. 

It comes with rubberized large SoftStep Foot Pedals to fit all user sizes and to ensure optimal durability. 

Battery-powered console with LCD screen to monitor time, distance traveled, and the number of calories burned. 

A digital device stand is included to listen to music while exercising, with a reachable water bottle holder to stay hydrated and refreshed. 

  • Combines 2 machines in 1. 
  • Provides total-body workout.
  • Ideal for those with mobility issues or those who are going to psychical therapy. 
  • Zero-impact cardiovascular workout machine. 
  • Budget-friendly Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical. 
  • No strain on the joints. 
  • 13 levels of resistance.
  • Easy to set up as it comes 65% pre-assembled. 
  • A commercial-grade sturdy machine of steel.  
  • Whisper-quiet workout machine. 
  • Back support included. 
  • Seat height adjustability. 
  • Sturdy and durable frame that supports user capacity up to 300lb.
  • Uses advanced UltraGlide Bearings of ball bearings as a result it provides fluid, smooth and effortless striding. 
  • Overly rubberized large foot pedals to accommodate all user sizes.
  • Media rack and water bottle holder included. 
  • The High-quality rubberized coated handles provide better durability. 
  • Transport wheels are included to move it around or store it.
  • Perfectly clear assembly instructions.  
  • No workout programs included. 
  • Doesn’t include any heart rate sensors.
  • Uses manual resistance adjustability.  
  • Poor warranty of only 2 years.

5.Stamina Inmotion E1000 Elliptical machine

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The best benefit of the under-desk elliptical trainers is that they offer you the freedom to do anything you like, from browsing the internet to reading your favourite book while performing an effective aerobic workout. 

The Stamina Inmotion E1000 not only allows you to perform workouts in the seated position but also allows you to train while standing, which is pretty awesome for an under-desk elliptical.

Its compact, slim design makes it fit under any typical desk as it takes up very little space. 

With the adjustable resistance tension, you can choose between different exercise intensities to match your pace. The strider offers multiple movements options. Whether you use it sitting or standing, you can stride backwards or forward and even in a reversed motion to target different muscle groups. 

To track your workout stats including the number of strides, time, calories burned, a monitor is included. 

Overall, the Stamina Inmotion E1000 elliptical provides great value for the money. 

  • Allow both standing and seated workout positions.
  • Compact design that fits in small spaces. 
  • Durable and sturdy steel frame construction. 
  • Whisper-quiet strider. 
  • Easy to put together and use. 
  • Economical price. 
  • Digital monitor included.
  • Supported by müüv, the coaching app for more personalized training.
  • Some users find it a bit heavy to move around. 
  • Some users say that they wished the machine came with a handle to move it around.
  • Some users say the machine has a short range of motion.
  • Not a very great warranty of 1 year on the frame and 90 days for the parts.
  • Some users who used to train on an elliptical with handlebars, or the ones with balance problems, find it hard to balance on the Stamina Inmotion elliptical in the standing position.

6.Bowflex M3 elliptical trainer

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This model is not only considered as one of the best heavy-duty ellipticals for the obese & overweight but is also a great machine and safe option for the elderly.

The Bowflex M3 model combines a stair stepper and an elliptical machine in one.  It provides a low-impact workout that burns more calories than the average thanks to the power of the stair stepper combined. 

Due to its weighted flywheel of 22 pounds, the machine allows smooth transitions for comfortable striding without putting so much effort into the workout for seniors. 

Targeting lower, core, and upper muscle groups, the Bowflex M3 elliptical helps strengthen your heart and body muscles and boost your endurance while burning more calories. 

For any senior with knees or hips pain or back issues, the machine is perfect as it ensures no strain on the joints. 

With 8 different levels of resistance, you can go up and down on your training intensity scale, leveraging different training options. 

The machine features a 14-minute interval training to deliver the best cardio training results. 

The large foot pedals for more comfortable striding and to fit different users’ sizes. 

  • Affordable machine. 
  • A sturdy machine of high-quality components. 
  • A steel frame that holds a weight capacity of up to 300lb.
  • Great range of motion.  
  • Allows zero impact on the joint workouts. 
  • Features a weighted flywheel of 22lb that allows smooth transitions.
  • Chest strap to monitor the heart rate included. 
  • Features 8 levels of magnetic resistance. 
  • Features a digital device stand and a water bottle holder. 
  • Comes with a backlit display to monitor your workout stats. 
  • Features transport wheels for easy storage and relocation. 
  • Stores 2 users’ data. 
  • Simple to set up. 
  • Features only 2 programs for workouts. 
  • Only suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. 
  • Some users say that it develops a squeaking noise after a couple of uses.
  • The instructional manual is a bit unclear. 
  • Some buyers complained about the slow response of the customer service.
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth unlike the other models of the same series. 
  • Short warranty of 2 years. 
  • The backlit display is difficult to read.

7.DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk Elliptical Machine

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3D Innovations introduced an outstanding leg training machine to the fitness world. 

The DeskCycle Ellipse elliptical was designed for seniors and as an affordable physical therapy solution. 

You get to train on the DeskCycle Ellipse Under Desk elliptical in the comfort of your home while watching TV, around your family, or at the office while having a meeting. 

Burn more calories, build muscle strength, and boost your endurance with no stress on the joint and a low-impact aerobic workout. With the DeskCycle elliptical, working out can be fun!

To allow different motion options, the machine is supported by large foot pedals. 

A large built-in LCD to monitor training stats like time, distance, rotations per minute (RPM), calories burned, and speed. 

For smooth and quiet pedaling, the machine features a superb flywheel and ultra-smooth resistance mechanism. The magnetic resistance can be adjusted up to 8 levels for more challenging training options. 

  • Space-saving elliptical machine. 
  • Ideal for seniors and a great physical solution. 
  • Features 8 magnetic resistance levels. 
  • Noise-free and smooth operation. 
  • Wide range of motion. 
  • Stable and solid machine.
  • The package includes the 2 AAA batteries required. 
  • Easy and quick to assemble. 
  • Features a large LCD display. 
  • The monitor can be extended with the extended cord and the stand included. 
  • You get to sync your workout data with the DeskCycle app.
  • Can be used while sitting only. 
  • Only one-year warranty. 
  • A heavy under desk elliptical (30.2 pounds).
  • Doesn’t feature a transport handle or wheels for movement.

8.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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Safety is key for someone who is looking for an elliptical machine for a senior.  The Sunny Health & Fitness brand skillfully engineered a safer and more durable exercise machine and introduced us to the SF-E3912 programmable Elliptical machine. 

With a good build frame quality of steel and foot stabilizers, the machine supports a user weight of 330lb. 

The motorized programmable magnetic resistance allows up to 16 levels of different intensities. 

The non-slip large foot pedals accommodate different users’ sizes and ensure optimal stability during workouts. 

Thanks to the mechanism of belt drive used by the machine and the internal flywheel, the transitions are smooth, and the motion is super gentle. 

To track your workout data like time, speed, distance, RPM, and calories burned, the Sunny SF-E3912 Magnetic Elliptical features an advanced programmable backlit LCD display.

Get the most out of the elliptical by leveraging the 24 built-in workout programs. 

Utilize the 2 sets of handlebars included for full motion. The handlebars for upper and core muscle targeting. The foot pedals help tone and strengthen your lower body muscles, combined, you get low-impact total-body training while putting no pressers on the joints. 

  • Full motion is provided by the 2 different sets of moving and fixed handlebars. 
  • A high-weight capacity machine that supports users of up to 330lb. 
  • Supported by floor stabilizers for optimal stability. 
  • 24 different workout modes. 
  • Adjustable electromagnetic resistance of 16 levels. 
  • Comes with pulse sensors. 
  • Transport wheels for easy relocation. 
  • A device stand and a bottle holder are included. 
  • An affordable heavy-duty elliptical.
  • A bit challenging to set up (takes about 3 hours to put it together).
  • The stride length could be wider (only 15.5 inches).
  • Reviewers complained about the customer service’s response. 
  • Some users say the elliptical is noisy. 
  • The heart rate and some workout stats are inaccurate.

9.Ativafit Under Desk Elliptical Bike and Mini Elliptical Machine

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The Ativafit mini elliptical was designed to perfectly fit small spaces. With a transport handle, you can transport the machine to your office or move it around to anywhere at your home. 

Supported by extra-large non-slip foot pedals to ensure stability during use. 

It also allows back-and-forth motion to target different body muscles. 

To keep track of your workout progress, the machine comes with a built-in monitor that monitors time, distance traveled, total count, and the number of calories burned. 

For different and more challenging training, the machine comes with multiple resistance levels to choose from. The brake resistance mechanism allows for smooth striding for Low effort yet effective cardio workout. 

Overall, the Ativafit under desk elliptical is well constructed and engineered for seniors to provide good value for its price. 

  • High build quality.
  • Can be used in both, seated, and standing positions. 
  • Super large textured pedals to accommodate all feet sizes.
  • Compact smart design that fits in small spaces. 
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Comes 90% pre-assembled.
  • LCD monitor that tracks workout data.  
  • Portable machine with a built-in handle that can be moved anywhere.
  • Noise-free machine.
  • Not equipped for serious athletes.
  • Basic LCD display. 
  • For the LCD to operate, an AAA battery type is required, which doesn’t come with the machine.
  • You need to have a good balance to use it in the standing position. 
  • Some users complained that the instruction manual is incomplete.

 10.HCI Fitness Physiostep HXT 300 Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Trainer 

No products found.

For those who are looking for a safe physical therapy workout machine, the HCI HXT 300 Compact Semi-elliptical is the perfect machine for you!

The machine combines the training possibilities of both a recumbent bike and a semi-elliptical to strengthen and tone your body muscles. 

With its low-impact effect, get an effective aerobic full-body workout while sitting on a comfortable seat. To monitor the heart rate, a built-in contact heart rate is included. 

The machine features a wide foamed back support to comfortably work your upper body muscles as well as core and lower body muscles. You get to target different body muscles by switching from using the adjustable handlebars to the foot pedals or using both to get the most out of your training. 

Its durable solid construction makes it a safe option for seniors or individuals with body injuries, back or joint pain. It supports a maximum user capacity of 330 pounds. 

For more challenging workouts, you get to increase your resistance level to up to 16 levels. 

17 built-in workout programs are included for more enjoyable training. 

An easy-to-use and eye-friendly monitor is included to track workout stats like pulse, speed, distance travel, and time spent. 

  • Adjustable seat for lumbar support included. 
  • Ideal for physical therapy and Rehabilitation at home.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Worth the investment. 
  • Large LCD display for workout stats monitoring included.
  • Feature 16 levels of adjustable resistance. 
  • Comes with 17 workout programs. 
  • Allows back-and-forth elliptical motion.  
  • High-weight capacity, sturdy semi-elliptical that holds up to 330lb. 
  • Equipped for professional use. 
  • Straightforward and easy assembly. 
  • Extended lifetime warranty on the frames, 3 years for the parts and the electronics, and a year for labor. 
  • Compact semi-elliptical. 
  • Provides a full range of motion. 
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • No media rack or bottle holder.
  • Not suitable for users that are taller than 6’2.
  • Some complained about the seat width.

After reading the best elliptical for seniors’ reviews, several questions may pop up in your mind such as: what is the difference between an under-desk elliptical and a standard elliptical? Do they both offer the same benefits? Well, we knew it!

Here are the different types of ellipticals that answer your questions. 

Types of elliptical machines

Standard elliptical machines

Standard ellipticals are the most common type of elliptical machines. It focuses on the lower body part. The best thing about this elliptical type is that it provides lower-impact exercise than other types. They are gentle on the joints and reduce injury risk to the least as opposed to other exercise machines. They are ideal for individuals with weak ankles or knees therefore ideal for seniors. 

They come with foot pedals and with or without handlebars. Most of these elliptical types come with a digital monitor to measure workout metrics like time, speed, distance, and numbers of calories burned.

Standard ellipticals are the most affordable among other types. 

Cross trainer or recumbent ellipticals

You can tell that this type of elliptical looks a bit like a stationary bike, they are supported by a seat to allow exercising in a seated position. The seated position also ensures optimal stability during the workout. 

This type serves total body workout as they come with large foot pedals and moving handlebars to work the lower body muscles. 

This type is ideal for people who are recovering from physical injuries or the ones with any mobility diseases like MS or Parkinson’s disease. 

Elliptical glider ellipticals

This is the most unsophisticated type of ellipticals, they don’t feature a flywheel therefore it is the most lightweight among all types. 

The motion of the machine depends entirely on your force. 

The foot pedals allow swinging glides to move through the machine’s range of motion. 

For stability, they come with stationary arms. 

What makes this type different from the other types is that they offer an extra bonus of hip and knees extension. The elliptical gliders provide great stretching that other types don’t. 

Foldable ellipticals 

Compact or foldable ellipticals feature foot pedals to tone and strengthen your upper body muscles. They are the smallest of the 4 types in terms of size. 

They fit under typical desks at your home or office. A great physical therapy machine and ideal for seniors that prefer the seated position workout. 

Under desk elliptical lies under this type of elliptical machine. 

Based on the flywheel and motor location, ellipticals are divided into categories: 

Rear-drive elliptical machines

In this design, the flywheel and motor are located in the rear of the elliptical. This position allows for more stability and safety during workouts. Rear-drive ellipticals run more smoothly to provide an effortless workout experience. 

Center-drive elliptical machines

These types of ellipticals use the latest drive technology. The flywheel of these ellipticals is placed outside of the foot pedals. Due to the position of the flywheel, the center-drive ellipticals tend to be more compact than the rear-drive and front-drive elliptical types. 

The center-drive ellipticals offer a wider range of motion. Similar to the front-drive ellipticals, this type uses a bit of stair climber motion, as they have more vertical movements.

Front-drive elliptical machines

The flywheel is positioned at the front of the elliptical. They provide for a bit more of a vertical range of motion as opposed to rear-drive ellipticals that provide more horizontal movements. Some types of the front-drive elliptical machine stimulate the 

workout of a stair stepper. 

The Buyer’s guide for an elliptical for seniors: 

The machine material (Metal vs plastic)

In terms of safety, the elliptical build material is key! Go for a metal elliptical over plastic as they are more likely low-quality and won’t endure heavy weight capacity. 

Low-quality cheap material makes the elliptical not safe to go on, and more prone to breaking down within a few months of use as opposed to high-end metal components. 

Seated vs standing workout positions 

For seniors, an elliptical machine that supports seated workout positions is preferred for more balance and stability, even better both. That is why recumbent ellipticals and under-desk ellipticals are the best elliptical machines for the elderly.

User weight limit

Every elliptical trainer supports a maximum user weight capacity.

To perform a safe and stable workout on the elliptical make sure your weight is within the maximum capacity of the elliptical. 


The machine’s motion is determined by the flywheel. Heavier flywheels provide fluid motion and more smooth and soft striding. They provide a more comfortable workout where you don’t need to put much effort to struggle against the pedals. 

 The flywheel weight ranges from 10 to 40 pounds. A good elliptical should have a flywheel weight of 18 pounds or higher to maintain soft transitions. 

Resistance type and number of levels

The resistance levels of the machine determine how far you can go on the effort scale to burn calories. To change from one level to another higher level you will need to put more effort to move the pedals. 

If you are a fan of intense workouts, we recommend going for a machine with 16 resistance levels or more. Typically, elliptical machines feature resistance of 8 up to 32 levels.


A good warranty indicates the quality of the machine you are purchasing. Go for an elliptical with a decent warranty. 

Warranty duration varies from one brand to another. Elliptical manufacturers provide a warranty on the frames, mechanical parts, electronics, and labor

 To stand on the safe side, pick an elliptical with at least 5 years warranty on the frame and 2 years for the electronics and parts. 


There are elliptical machines that offer up to 3 different sets of handlebars, an elliptical with moving and fixed handlebars is an excellent choice. The moving handlebars work hand in hand with the foot pedals to provide an effective total body workout. The fixed handlebars are there to ensure machine safety. 

Display screen

The LCD display of the elliptical allows you to track your workout stats like time, distance, speed, calories burned, and RPM. 

The number of workout programs

Most ellipticals offer built-in workout routines to keep you engaged and to make your workout more enjoyable. 

Extra features

If you like to listen to music while training, pick an elliptical with a digital device stand. To stay refreshed and hydrated, some ellipticals feature a water bottle holder. There are many other advanced features some elliptical offers such as Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in sound system. Choose what matches your needs while keeping your budget in mind. 

Final thoughts

Elliptical machines are great exercise equipment for all skill levels and especially for seniors, they are stress-free on the joints and help strengthen and tone targeted body muscles. They boost stamina and are great for cardio health. We hope our reviews on the Best elliptical machines for the elderly help you to decide on the machine that best matches your needs and budget. Stay healthy and good luck. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Top rated elliptical for seniors (FAQs) 

Are elliptical trainers good for the elderly? 

Elliptical machines are not only considered good exercising options for seniors, they are the best among other exercising machines. The machine was designed to provide a low-impact cardio workout that puts no strain on the joints.

They are ideal for seniors who want to keep fit and burn more calories in a shorter time while building muscle strength and boosting their endurance. 

The low-impact cardio machine also prevents body injury risks, unlike other exercise equipment that comes with that risk. If you have any mobility issues, back or joint pain, elliptical machines are the safest option for you.

Is an elliptical or a treadmill better for the elderly? 

For seniors who want to stay active and fit, for individuals with arthritis, MS or any mobility issues, the ones who are recovering from body injuries, ellipticals are the better option. 

On one hand, ellipticals put no pressure on the joints and are ideal for those with knees or back pain. Their back-and-forth motion targets different muscle groups. They help burn body fat with a low-impact cardiovascular workout. On the other hand, treadmills put way more stress on the joints, and its users are more prone to injuries, hip, and knee pain in the long run.

What are the benefits of using an elliptical for seniors? 

Strengthens the heart and lungs 

Being low-impact cardio workout machines, ellipticals are great for your heart and lungs’ health. The aerobic workout by the elliptical helps boost your cardio capacity.

Improves your endurance 

Ellipticals provide a total-body workout, by targeting upper, core, and lower body muscles. And in turn, boost your stamina and endurance. 

Speeds up recovery from prior injuries and a perfect physical therapy solution 

The elliptical is a great and safe option for those who are recovering from injuries. The machine keeps you fit and active with almost no strain on the joints. It helps with the recovery process as they help strengthen and tone different body muscles. 

They also minimize the risk of getting injured to the least unlike other exercise machines like the treadmills. 

Burns body fats

Making the elliptical part of your workout routine will help burn more calories in a shorter time, and as a result, boosts your body fat burn. 

How long should a senior exercise on the elliptical? 

For seniors, 20 – 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous training intensities 3 to 5 times a week will pay off the elliptical desired result. 

What is the best exercise equipment for a senior with arthritis?

The elliptical trainer, as they put zero stress on the joints and provide

a low-impact total-body cardio workout.

 You won’t experience any fatigue on the elliptical as opposed to other exercising machines

They are gentle on the knees and hips and in many cases, a great physical therapy solution recommended by physiotherapists and fitness experts.

Ellipticals are also widely used in hospitals and clinics as they are one of the safest workout machines out there.  

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