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10 Best Spin Bike Power Meter in 2023 and Buyer’s Guide

Are you a spin bike enthusiast?  Do you ride a spin bike, and you need a power meter to do things more accurately? If yes, you have come to the right place because this comprehensive review has been purposely written for you. 

Spin bikes are stationary, and they are often found in training centers and gyms. When you install your spin bike with the best spin bike power meter, you will significantly enhance your riding experience and performance. The power meter gives you accurate and reliable data, and it comes as a compact, lightweight, and weatherproof package. 

The power meters have been expertly designed to eliminate all errors and guesswork and enable you to prepare for races accurately. All the following top-notch power meters have been carefully selected to help you to purchase the best. 


Top 10 Best Spin Bike Power Meter in this Review

These are reliable and high-quality bike power meters that you can bank on because they give you accurate results. 

1. Magene Crankset with Rechargeable Power Meter  

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Magene Crankset Power Meter features a 3-hollow crank structure that reinforces the crank and makes it rigid. It also makes it visually symmetrical. When you compare Magene Crankset Power Meter with the solid crank, it is sturdier and more stable, making it ideal for collecting power data accurately. 

The manufacturer integrated it with +/- 1.5% power accuracy. Moreover, this gadget uses right and left independent module detection to calculate power. This feature enables it to give you very accurate power data. If you choose to install Magene Crankset Power Meter to a regular bicycle and you go out riding, its accuracy ranges between plus or minus 1.5%. When you are cycling outside, you will encounter different weather conditions and rough terrains. Regardless of humidity, temperature, and the landscape’s topography, the accuracy remains stable, and collected data is not affected by these factors. 

Magene Crankset Power Meter’s performance is impressive and reliable because this gadget provides you with torque efficiency pedal smoothness. It also gives you pedal balance together with multiple high-order power, not to mention cadence data. These facilitate the rider to have reliable cycling data and heighten your cycling performance simultaneously.  

This gadget is waterproof and sealed because it has an IPX7 anti-splash level to make it ideal for all-weather use. Magene Crankset Power Meter is hassles-free because its rechargeable design effectively avoids waterproof rubber wearing. By being rechargeable, this gadget does not require you to keep on removing and reinstalling the battery back from time to time, which causes the wearing of the waterproof rubber. Otherwise, that would cause looseness and seepage of water into the power meter. 

Another advantageous feature of the Magene Crankset Power Meter is its long battery life. The manufacturer has integrated it with a certified high-energy-density battery. Moreover, the utilized magnetic charging makes it durable. The gadget has a quick 3.5-hour charging time and a battery life of up to 200 hours. It is enough for you to do an entire training block without recharging with such extensive battery life. 

Magene Crankset Power Meter’s dimensions are 12.2 x 10.55 x 6.34 inches, and it weighs 1.35 kilograms. 

  • 200-hour battery life
  • Waterproof
  • +/-1.5% power accuracy 
  • 3-Hollow crank structure
  • Expensive
  • High shipping cost

2. Favero Assioma Duo Pedal Based Cycling Power Meter

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Favero Assioma Duo Pedal Based Cycling Power Meter is another high-quality and valuable product whose performance qualifies it to be featured in this article. It has a user-friendly design to make it compatible with your spin bike and also to make it easy to install. Favero Assioma is also rechargeable.

The manufacturer applied commendable and excellent cycling technology to ensure that each pedal stroke yields significantly to your ride. Consequently, Favero Assioma is very accurate with precise watt measurement. This feature is a result of years of hard work in thorough research and development. 

Using Favero Assioma is very easy and convenient because it has no protruding parts obstructing you when you are riding. It is also very reliable and has a battery life of up to 50 hours on a single charge. Favero is available in Assioma DUO with power sensors on both pedals and Assioma UNO on the left pedal.  

Favero Assioma’s dimensions are 11.81 x 6.3 x 3.94 inches, and it weighs 0.29 kilograms. 

  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ 
  • Compatible with smartphones and computers
  • Expensive
  • Takes time to ship

3. Favero Assioma Uno Side Pedal Based Power Meter 

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Favero Assioma Uno Side Pedal Based Power Meter is a force to reckon with in spin bike riding. It does not require much effort and skills to install this power meter on your spin bike, and you do not need special tools to do it. Moreover, it is also compatible with your bike computer and smartphone, and you can connect them via ANT+ and Bluetooth. 

The manufacturer has integrated the power sensors in the pedals; in the part where force is applied. With this design, you can observe all the crucial data of your pedal strokes. Some of the details are monitoring torque efficiency, left/right, and pedal smoothness. 

Favero Assioma features an IAV power system and also a gyroscope that measures the exact instantaneous angular velocity. This gadget does not compromise accuracy because it consistently remains plus or minus one regardless of pedaling style. Favero Assioma is also reliable because it is not affected by temperature. It has automatic temperature compensation to keep a continuous watt measurement in temperatures between -10 and 60 degrees C. 

Furthermore, the Favero Assioma power meter is compact and lightweight, and it is a pedal-based power meter. It is very convenient to ride because this power meter has no protruding parts interfering with your riding. A bi-component resin block is used to protect it, and Favero Assioma’s meter sensor is entirely resistant to shocks and waterproof. 

When you recharge it, it lasts for up to 50 hours, owing to the lithium-ion technology that its battery has. It controls itself by switching to standby mode when you take a few minutes rest and switches itself back when you start pedaling again. Each pedal weighs 152.4 grams.

Favero Assioma power meter is quite reliable because you will get support from a team of experts in case of anything. The weight of this power meter is 1.41 kilograms, and the product dimensions are 12.2 x 8.39 x 4.76 inches. 

  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting batteries
  • Remembers your settings
  • Power sensors on pedals
  • Not available everywhere

4. Velocomp PowerPod Lite V3 Power Meter

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Velocomp PowerPod Lite V3 Power Meter is the tool that you need to make your training a success. There are marvelous features that the manufacturer has integrated into this power meter to enhance its performance. 

PowerPod uses opposing force technology, and you attach it to the handlebars, whereby it calculates the forces that oppose you and uses that to measure your power. PowerPod is fitted with a speed sensor, pressure sensor, elevation sensor, and accelerometer.

There are many benefits that the rider gets from this power meter, and it outdoes other power meters by far. You can quickly shift this power meter from one bike to the other, and it has a universal fitting to make it compatible with a wide range of spin bikes. 

Moreover, it has a simple setup, and you do not have to change your favorite components. 

PowerPod power meter transmits data via BLE and ANT+, and it is compatible with your watch and computer. It is very accurate, and its mode of operation is very steady, not to mention that it comes with three handlebar mount options. 

You can mount it on MTB and 31.8 mm handlebars alone, while the computer is mounted separately near the PowerPod. 

However, if you would like both the computer and the power meter to be mounted together, you can purchase an upgraded mount. 

Velocomp PowerPod comes with the necessary tools that you need for mounting. The package contains the PowerPod power meter, quick start guide, PowerPod handlebar mount, and a USB charging cable. 

Some other outstanding features of this gadget include bike-to-bike compatibility, pro-level performance, and a simple setup. The product dimensions are 7.6 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches, and it weighs 0.18 kilograms. 

  • Low profile aero design
  • Has heightened accuracy, an accelerometer, and wind sensors
  • Compatible with smartphones and computers
  • PowerPod is compatible with non-ANT+ bike computers
  • USB rechargeable 
  • Has a universal fitting
  • Low battery life of 20 hours
  • Accuracy level is plus or minus 3

5. Garmin Vector 3 Pedal-Based Power Meter

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Garmin Vector 3 Pedal-Based Power Meter has been upgraded for a marvelous performance. One of the significant improvements evident in this power meter is the convenient mounting process that has no significant difference from the conventional pedal. 

The manufacturer has given this meter an overall touch to make it a world-class power meter. Garmin Vector 3 is now sturdier, sleeker, and has a distinctive look. Moreover, its weight has been reduced by a whopping 316 grams to make it lighter. 

With such an incredible touch of betterment, Garmin Vector 3 power meter brags having an accuracy of plus or minus one. You can now enjoy a more intelligent and more robust ride as you strive to hit your target because Garmin Vector is a reliable power gauging partner in your training. 

The manufacturer has installed the power sensors in the pedals. This decision was arrived at to enhance measuring accurate data. 

Garmin Vector power meter is user-friendly, and it measures and shows the right and left leg power independently. Moreover, it also measures the total power cadence, not to mention left and right balance together with advanced cycling dynamics. 

All these facilitate you to come up with a good training program to curb your weaknesses. Garmin Vector also tracks your standing and seating position and indicates for how long you were in each of these positions. 

With this data, you can determine the effectiveness of each position. Furthermore, Garmin Vector also power phases to show how you produce power in every pedal stroke you make. The platform center offset tops it all to show you where power is applied on the pedal: to enable you to get a good cleat position. 

The metrics are viewable on the Garmin Connect Mobile application and Edge cycling computers. 

Whoa! Garmin Vector power meter is convenient because it does not have wheel tradeoffs, complex drivetrain, and you do not install any external sensors. It also does not have pods. 

Therefore, installing it on your spin bike is very easy, just like transferring it from one bike to another without requiring any bike shop assistance. Garmin Vector integrates an ergonomic design and a precision spindle that is made of stainless steel. 

Its composite pedal body has been expertly engineered, and it is highly tested to ensure that it can withstand years of use. Garmin Vector’s battery life is 120 hours. 

Garmin Vector’s compatibility is quite commendable because you can easily connect it to Edge cycling computers and ANT+ or any other Bluetooth-enabled fitness gadgets. You can read our guide about best under bed treadmills.

It also has its specific application called Garmin Connect App, and you can easily update this power meter with any of these compatible devices. Moreover, it is very efficient for you to integrate post-ride analysis. 

By connecting Garmin Vector, you will get personally scaled indoor workouts because it guides you on what to do. The dimensions are 8.62 x 6.14 x 3.5 inches, and it weighs 0.65 kilograms. Garmin Vector has an accuracy of plus or minus one. 

  • Easy to install and transfer the pedals from bike to bike
  • Uses Bluetooth, Garmin App, and ANT+
  • Sleek design 
  • Battery of 120 hours on one recharge
  • Sleek design for easy cornering 
  • Completely compatible with Garmin Cycling
  • Less useful for those without Garmin

6. Garmin Vector 3S Single-Sensing Power Meter

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Garmin Vector 3S SINGLE-Sensing Power Meter has been professionally designed and engineered to facilitate your riding experience greatly. With this top-notch power meter, you can now ride smarter and more robustly with no hassles if your spin bike is installed. 

As you sweat trying to hit your target, you can reliably use Garmin Vector to gauge your performance whenever you are training. For accuracy, this power meter’s sensor is housed in the pedal to record your performance without any faults. 

The vector power meter is sure to get all the power data and make your training a big success. Garmin Vector uses the detected forces on the left pedal to measure and approximate total power by measuring the cadence as a single-sensing system. You can easily upgrade it to become a dual-sensing system. 

The manufacturer designed and made this power meter for great convenience. It does not have external sensors, complex drivetrains, or wheel tradeoffs. Vector 3S is just like any other pedal because it does not have pods, and you can quickly transfer it from one spin bike to another. 

The designer incorporated a sleek design and its improved stack height, which provides you with excellent ergonomics. Other fanciful features in Garmin Vector 3S include a composite pedal body and stainless steel spindle that has been tested and proved to last for many years of intense usage. With just one recharge, Vector 3S lasts for up to 120 hours to give you a seamless training experience. 

Compatibility is essential, and Vector 3S is exemplary because you can connect it to other gadgets via Bluetooth, ANT+, and the Garmin Connect Mobile app. With this connectivity, you can easily update the Vector 3S’s software using a cycling computer and fitness devices that are Bluetooth enabled. 

When you are training indoors, this power meter offers you training plans that facilitate your training. For instance, it is installed with easy-to-use performance analysis tools that do the indoor training analysis. 

Garmin Vector 3S uses LR44 batteries and weighs 324 grams. Its accuracy is plus or minus 1% and has an adjustable release tension. 

  • Transfers quickly from bike to bike
  • Installs easily
  • Battery life of up to 120 hours
  • Compatible with Garmin cycling 
  • Can upgrade to a dual-sensing system
  • Compatible with other gadgets
  • Has a low rider’s weight limit

7. Garmin Rally RK200, Dual-Sensing Power Meter

No products found.

Garmin Rally RK200, Dual-Sensing Power Meter is very reliable because it has been expertly designed and manufactured and undergone rigorous testing to ensure nothing is left to chance. It incorporates dual sensors for reliable and accurate power measuring. Shifting it from one spin bike to the other is as simple as drinking a cup of water because it has a universal fitting. 

The dual-sensing measures total power, left/right balance, and cadence. Furthermore, it also measures wherein the pedal you apply the most force for a more efficient ride. Garmin Rally RK200 is compatible with LOOK KEO cleats and the pedals fitting, and installation is just like standard pedals. 

Checking the power measurements is very easy because they are displayed directly on the device, and you can also view them on the Garmin Connect application. Alternatively, you can see the details on TrainingPeaks, Strava, and Swift and share them with other people. 

Rally RK200 is compatible with various apps that you can synchronize with your smartphone for better data analysis and sharing. To develop this outstanding and world-class power meter, the designers and engineers did extensive research and testing. Therefore, Rally RK200 is reliable, and its performance is second to none. The sensors are housed in the pedals, and you don’t need any special skills to install the Garmin Rally power meter. 

You will marvel at the advanced cycling dynamics that the manufacturer has integrated into Garmin Rally RK200. Apart from measuring the cadence and total power, this power meter also measures much more. Rally RK200 accurately measures power on both legs and compares how each leg is producing power. 

You will also get the details of the time you spend when seated and standing and gauge the effectiveness of each position. With this diversity, you can tailor your training program to work on your weak areas so that you can improve and perform impressively. 

Rally RK200 is an all-around power meter and greatly facilitates you to get all the details you need when training. You will be able to establish exactly where you are producing power in every pedal stroke you make. For instance, you can know the cleat position by keeping track of where power is exerted on the pedal. 

The manufacturer had your comfort in mind when they were coming up with this power meter. It features an ergonomic design to give you a memorable riding experience. The pedals are compatible with your LOOK KEO cleats to facilitate your training. It would be annoying when you keep getting distracted by sliding on the pedal now and then when you are riding. Rally RK200 dimensions are 9 x 7 x 4 inches, and it weighs 1.28 lbs. The Lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 120 hours. 

  • Compatible with your smartphone
  • Pairs with other apps 
  • Easy Installation
  • Incorporates advanced cycling dynamics 
  • Left/right balance 
  • Compatible with LOOK KEO cleats 
  • Easy to swipe around
  • Lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 120 hours
  • Expensive

8. SRAM Red AXS Power Meter Spider Black 

No products found.

SRAM Red AXS Power Meter Spider Black is compatible with the SRAM AXS crankset, and it can be used to upgrade it to a power meter. When you sweat as you continue pedaling your spin bike, you will be confident knowing that this power meter is your reliable training partner. 

SRAM is reliable because it has a large powerhouse lithium-ion battery that lasts for 200 hours. It has been professionally designed to make everything very smooth and accurate. SRAM does not bow down to temperature variations regardless of the temperature, and its performance is steady and very reliable in all seasons. 

Amazingly, the SRAM Red AXS power meter is safe for all-weather use because you can also install it on regular bicycles and ride outside. Therefore, even when it is snowing, raining, and when you ride across a stream, you will not panic because the SRAM AXS power meter is waterproof. 

You will realize your full potential with this power meter that has an accuracy of minus or plus 1.5%. It measures left and right legs power separately and weighs 0.34 kilograms, while its dimensions are 8.5 x 8.3 x 1.5 inches. It is compatible with other devices and apps via Bluetooth low energy and ANT+. 

With AXS technology, the SRAM AXS power meter is compatible with many electronic bicycle software and components. This gadget also comes with an app that lets you see the change component behavior, update firmware, and see battery status, customized controls, and maintenance reminders.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compatible with other gadgets via ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Enabled AXS for firmware upgrades and easy monitoring
  • Measures power from both legs separately
  • Easy installation
  • The power meter is not affected by climatic conditions
  • Slightly expensive

9. Garmin Rally XC100, Single Sensing Power Meter

No products found.

Garmin Rally XC100, Single Sensing Power Meter is an incredible single-sensing power meter that measures cadence and total power altogether. Fortunately, it can be upgraded to a dual-sensing system to measure left/right power, and you can synchronize it with your smartphone and Edge bike computer or any other Garmin device.

Amazingly, it has sensors that detect oncoming vehicles from up to a whopping 140 meters away. 

If you have installed a Garmin Varia app on your phone, you will be able to see everything on it in bold graphics that show speed and position on the oncoming vehicles, not to mention the vibration and tone alerts. 

You can quickly transfer Garmin XC100 from one bike to another because it is compatible with all bicycles. The manufacturer has designed it to be compatible with Shimano SPD cleats for a reliable riding experience. 

Surprisingly, the design is exceptional, and the sensors are found inside the power meter. Its installation is relatively easy, and it is done just like in any other pedal. 

Since Rally XC100 is a single sensing power meter, it doubles the value collected from one leg to provide you with the total value for the left and right legs. However, you can upgrade it to a dual-sensing power meter to measure power from both legs independently. 

Garmin Rally XC100, Single Sensing Power Meter has a long battery life to give you a seamless training experience without being intercepted by a battery power outage. The lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 120 hours, and its dimensions are 6 x 3 x 3 inches and weigh 0.45 grams. 

  • Installs easily like regular pedals
  • Compatible with Shimano Cleats
  • Works with the Edge cycling computer app
  • Pairs with the Garmin app 
  • Upgraded to a dual-sensing power meter
  • Can be used off-road 
  • Long battery life of up to 120 hours
  • Measures power on one leg

10. SRAM Red D1 Quarq Road Power Meter

No products found.

SRAM Red D1 Quarq Road Power Meter is a good power meter that breaks tradition to scale to new performance levels. This power meter is designed with Quarqs premier zero power measurement technology that is integrated into the crankset. It integrates marvelous features, including strength, durability, and simplicity. 

It is expertly designed to meet the demands of time trialists, cyclotrons, triathletes racers. The manufacturer has also heightened its aerodynamics owing to the direct mount aero chainrings. These chainrings have fully integrated power, a tighter gearing range ideal for flatter terrains, and perfect racing. 

SRAM Red D1 Quarq Road Power Meter measures power in both legs separately. The power readings are reliable, with an accuracy rate of plus or minus 1.5%, and the power meter is not affected by climatic conditions. 

Therefore, if you install this power meter on a standard bicycle and go riding in the Sahara desert or Iceland, the performance remains consistent. It also incorporates wide and narrow tooth chaining technology for reliable and maximum chain control. 

In addition, SRAM Red D1 Quarq Road Power Meter has a laser-etched chaining finish to enhance durability and to keep it simple. The package dimensions are 11.09 x 7.04 x 2.24 inches, while the weight is 2.35 kilograms. 

SRAM power meter’s battery life is 200 hours, and it has a waterproof rating. It is also wirelessly compatible with other devices via ANT+ and BLE. You can also synchronize it with your smartphone and use SRAM AXS mobile app. 

  • Accuracy rate of +/- 1.5% 
  • SRAM power meter uses BLE and ANT+ wireless connectivity 
  • Has a lifespan of 200 hours 
  • Not affected by climatic conditions
  • It is a bit complicated than other power meters
  • Requires skill to install and maintain

Best Spin Bike Power Meters Buyers’ Guide

When you decide to buy a power meter for your bike, there are various things that you have to consider to make the right decision. The following points will guide you on how to choose a suitable power meter. When you carefully follow these points, you will have every reason to thank yourself for making the right choice. 


Accuracy is an important feature to consider when you are buying a power meter. You should carefully check and confirm whether what the power meter claims to measure is the proper measurement. For instance, if it is indicating that you are producing 300 watts, are you indeed creating that amount of power? 

Only buy a power meter that gives you reliable results. The most reliable power meters have an accuracy rate of -/+ 1.5% or better than that. 


Installation is also necessary because, as a rider, you may have a spin bike and a regular bicycle and use the same power meter. Therefore, you will have to switch them from one bike to the other from time to time. 

If the installation is complicated, it will take much time and effort. To avoid that, you need a power meter with an easy installation to quickly shift the power meter from one bike to the other efficiently. The most accessible power meters to install are OFPMs, hub-based, and pedal-cased power meters. 

However, if you buy a crank-based power meter, you should be ready for complicated installation. But if you want to install the power meter permanently (without needing to shift it from time to time), you can install a crank-based one. 


Reliability is a critical feature in everything that you can buy on the market. Regardless of whatever it is or what it is used for, it must be reliable because you do not want to be disappointed from time to time by precedented or unprecedented faults. 

The same case applies to power meters. Every rider and trainer wants a reliable power meter that gives accurate results and performs full-time without failure and faults. For it to be reliable, it must be a high-quality item that has been expertly designed and manufactured. Furthermore, confirmatory tests should have been run to prove that indeed it serves the purpose satisfactorily. 


Compatibility determines whether the power meter that you have bought will fit in your bicycle. If you want to buy a crank-based power, it should be compatible with the bottom bracket and the frame. Therefore, you should carefully consider compatibility by counterchecking to confirm all the detail. That saves you from buying a power meter that will not fit in your bicycle, and you will have to return it to the seller. 


Transferability goes hand-in-hand with easy installation. Ease of installation is a prerequisite of transferability. If you have to keep transferring the power meter from one bike to the other, it must be straightforward to install. Therefore, buy an easy to install power meter to uninstall and reinstall it from bike to bike. Moreover, it also has to fit in all the bicycles that will be using it. In this case, opposing force and pedal-based power meters are ideal. 

Left/Right Measurement 

Left/right power meters are the best because they measure the amount of power each leg yields separately. However, other meters measure the power of one leg and double it to estimate the amount of power that the other leg is yielding. After measuring the leg power independently, they combine the two figures to give you the total power you create. 

Transmission Protocols

The power meter communicates with the bike computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth SMART or ANT+, but nowadays, most power meters are compatible with both protocols. 


Batteries are pretty significant because they are the source of power for the power meter. Therefore, you should buy a power meter with long battery life. The latest ones are made of lithium-ion, and they are rechargeable. Some batteries have a lifespan of up to 200 hours before requiring a recharge. 

The advantage of a rechargeable battery is that it is cheap to maintain than a replaceable battery because you don’t have to keep on buying from time to time. 

Other battery types are CR2032 coin-cell batteries, AAA batteries, LR44/SR44, and SRM batteries. Instead of opening and closing the power meter from time to time when changing the battery, you would instead buy a rechargeable gadget.  


Weight is a significant factor to consider when you are buying a power meter because it adds to the overall weight of your bicycle. This depends on how much the power meter weighs. If you buy a heavy power meter, it adds the exact amount of weight that it weighs to your bicycle. 

However, if weight is not a big issue for you, you can buy your power meter without considering this factor. However, if you are conscious of your bicycle weight, you should buy a light power meter.  


Ensure that the power meter is within the price range that you can afford. Some are cheap, and they can go for as low as $200, while others can exceed $2000. So, before checking the features of the power meter that you want to buy, you should start by checking the price. 

Price is also important because you do not want to be frustrated at the last step when you are making a purchase. 

However, a corporate saying goes, “Expensive is cheap, and cheap is expensive.” Instead, you would buy an expensive power meter with impeccable performance rather than buy a cheap one of compromised quality and substandard performance. 

Why Choose a Good Spin Bike?/Advantages of a Good Spin Bike

1. You enjoy seamless training 

With a good spin bike, you enjoy seamless training because it does not develop faults now and then. Therefore, nothing distracts you, and you can ride it for as long as you want and hit your target on time. 

2. It is comfortable and does not cause you any body aches and injuries

A good exercise bike is ergonomically designed to ease your training session. You will not mount on it and then climb down limping or with your butts and torso aching. Moreover, no harmful parts would hit or injure you and cause you to bleed and seek medical care. Instead, you finish your training session feeling energized and invigorated even after working hard. 

3. Facilitates your training and helps you to hit your target 

With smooth and seamless training, you will set targets and achieve them because the bike gives you the right conditions to achieve what you want. The spin bike helps you scale the heights from a beginner to a professional bike rider, and the amount of power you yield increases gradually. You will achieve your desired results because you set targets and achieve them.  

Final Thoughts

Power Meters are designed to help trainers and amateur riders measure the amount of power they produce when riding spin bikes or other ordinary bicycles. With them, you will be able to train effectively and monitor your progress with time. Consequently, it will be possible to know your overall performance and gauge yourself to see whether you improve, stagnate, or regress. 

It is recommended to have a power meter to eliminate guesswork when you are training because they give you accurate results. With a power meter, you will know your strengths and weaknesses and utilize your training time properly. You will also develop structured training, a tailor-made program that helps you work on your weaknesses and become a top-notch performer. 

With these and many more advantages and benefits, you find the reason why you should not casually ride your spin or standard bike without a power meter. 

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