Best compact elliptical

Firstly, when shopping for an elliptical, you have to focus on its style, size, and features that will suit you and fit at your home. Most ellipticals come in one of the two styles depending on the location of the flywheel. The Flywheel is the part that manages resistance levels when it moves by applying pressure to the foot pedals. The two types of ellipticals Are:

  1. The Rear Drive Elliptical: 
    • The flywheel is located in the back of these ellipticals.
    • They tend to be smoother than the front-drive ellipticals.
    • Their size is bulkier.
    • It consists of a heavier flywheel.
    • They are more expensive.
    • Less common for home gym users.
  1. The Front Drive Elliptical: 
    • The flywheel is located in the front of these ellipticals.
    • They simulate a climbing motion.    
    • The front-drive ellipticals are smaller than the rear-drive ellipticals.
    • They are noisier than the rear ellipticals.
    • They are less expensive.
    • More common for home gym users by allowing them to fit-in tight, power-accessible spaces at home.

The compact elliptical trainers are perfect for home cardio and high interval intensity training. It takes up less floor space and it is easier to move. They are smaller and lighter in comparison to traditional ellipticals. In Addition to their size, these models have all the mechanics and features that offer full stride, comfort, and resistance options. Moreover, it fits well in any corner or along the wall and it comes with transport wheels that help them in moving around. The front and rear drive ellipticals can be foldable for storage, so they are very useful for having them at home.

Some performances you need to consider before buying a compact elliptical:

  • Features: If you want a machine for the whole body, then you have to consider the ellipticals with movable handlebars. Some machines are hybrids that have no handlebars but with stair-steppers and bikes. In Addition to the handlebars, many machines come with bottle holders, fans, smart devices1, USB ports, and speakers.
  • Drive Design: Compact ellipticals have front drives that are noisier and take up less space. In Contrast, ellipticals feature rear-drive systems that are usually quieter and smoother but take up more space.
  • Ease of use: The ellipticals stride length should match the person’s height and with a step height to have enough space between them and the ceiling.
  • Durability: The compact ellipticals contain lighter material that makes them less durable than the heavier machines.
  • Warranty: People should put into consideration the warranty policies before purchasing because many manufacturers offer a limited warranty for a set period.
  • Resistance: All the machines are different in resistance level and the best ellipticals provide enough resistance to create smooth motion. Smooth resistance helps in decreasing the possibility of injury. 

It’s also really important because the smoother the exercise, the longer you will exercise and that’s because you will not get tired easily. The elliptical machine always helps the individual to meet his activity goal by coming up with preset programs like the flywheel. 

Therefore, the flywheel is an excellent part to determine its performance. The flywheel can be for all the levels that it satisfies the beginners with a weight of 8 kilograms and intermediate and advanced that will want more weight.

Note: People who weigh more, will need more resistance to gain more power, strength, speed, push, and energy.

  • Stride: The elliptical contains a narrow foot spacing if you are slowly walking across the room as its natural stride-like. Therefore, the best compact ellipticals have no gap between their pedals. Plus, the second aspect of a stride is the length that the best ellipticals for adults should be in the average height which is about 20’long footpaths. Shorter people prefer the elliptical with 18’ strides but they should avoid anything smaller. For that purpose, the ellipticals have adjustable strides such as 18 to 2 inches to serve all the users.
  • Incline: The incline is useful for enhancing calorie burn and targeted muscle toning. Many ellipticals have power inclines. The maximum tilt of about 20% is typical but trainers have steeper slopes.
  • Maximum User Weight: The perfect compact elliptical can hold safely at least 300 pounds. Some of the best ellipticals (not specifically compact) can hold 400 pounds maximum user weight.

Note: The Lower the weight, the less durable the product will be.

The features:

The best compact ellipticals have the same features as larger machines but in a different size or the option of foldability.

Check out the feature you have to look out for:

  • Interactive Workouts:

The best compact elliptical supports interactive workouts rather than the classic one. Interactive workouts use technologies like Google Maps with the street view as if you are on a trip, so it takes you around the world without leaving your elliptical but to enjoy your ride. Plus, to enjoy your ride some workouts offer sounds with the visuals.

  • Folding:

A folding elliptical is easy. Hydraulics do most of the work, physical strength is required.

  • APP Integration:

The top elliptical trainers include WIFI and built-in applications. It perfectly matches the needs of people who want their product to sync with their smartphones for easier fitness tracking. Plus, it also matches those who want to join their virtual classes and stream trainer-led classes. Moreover, it allows you to sync with not only phone apps but also tablet apps, interactive workouts, as well as entertainment.

Check out our 4 Best Compact Ellipticals below and read the buying guide that is available for these types of elliptical trainers.



This compact elliptical trainer has a high gear ratio that supports both forward and backward pedaling. It is ideal for shoppers with a small workout area, but at the same time with a high feature. This model has the smallest footprint of the older version but can weigh 374 pounds. The sole’s performance is equipped with many components for home ellipticals, like a bluetooth connection for use with a sole fitness app and a digital screen with a digital upgrade; it is also supported with an adjustable angle as It has a large 9’ inch LCD that shows all the exercise data and lets your phone sync easily with bluetooth to take the data and at the same time to track your performance. 

You also can transfer your data through your favorite app and the free sole application. Aside from the screen, it includes USB charging ports, Bluetooth audio speakers, and a tablet holder. Plus, the sole ellipticals have excellent ergonomics from the pedal to the hand bars. 

That elliptical machine type is well built and solid in its construction and provides some other nice features like adjustable pedals for pain stride. It also provides 10 basic programs that include 2-user defined programs, 2 heart-rate programs, and many other manual settings. Thus, the Sole E55 elliptical machine has 2 holders for water bottles and tablets. It also contains cooling fans to feel refreshed while you are working out, and finally, it’s supported with music speakers. This unique elliptical contains an automated incline that not only helps in losing weight but also helps in toning your body muscles. 

Furthermore, in this machine, you can incline up into 20^ instead of just one. Plus, Sole fitness E55 provides a great elliptical machine that serves people’s needs from quality to nice features. It has a great warranty that ensures you the quality you will have. 

It comes with the set by step assembly instructions from sole fitness, to make sure of everything. Therefore, this is an elliptical that gives you an enjoyable exercise experience that not only works to focus on your joints but also monitors your heart rate and comforts your feet.

Key Specs: 

  • White Backlit LCD
  • 9
  • Incline Level  
  • 20 degrees
  • Flywheel 
  • 20 Lbs
  • Preset Programs 
  • 10 
  • Stride Lengths 
  • Maximum 20 inches
  • Resistance Level 
  • 20 
  • Fans
  • Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Yes
  • Bluetooth Speakers  
  • Yes
  • Folding 
  • No
  • Weight Capacity   
  • Maximum 375 Lbs
  • Dimensions 
  • 71’L x 27’W x 71’H

Sole E55 Warranty Includes:

  • Lifetime frame warranty.
  • 5 years labor warranty on electronics and parts.
  • 2 years labor warranty.
  • Good incline range.
  • Warranty.
  • High quality.
  • Built-in fans.
  • Limited workout variety.
  • Weaker built-in speakers.
  • The online sale price of $2,799 MSRP ( $1,699)

If you purchased directly from sole fitness, the price includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a delivery.

If you are interested in this model, scroll down for the in-depth reviews:


It’s well built with a solid frame that has a heavy 38 mm steel frame and a large 6’ footprint that will keep it grounded. This machine also can support the weight of 375 Lbs individual with a lifetime frame warranty. It consists of a two rear wheel which provides a smoother and more stable feel. Also, they ride on a heavy-duty that reduces the side-to-side foot pedal motion. It is a customized design with 10 positions and oversized foot pedals with a 20 degrees inward slope to reduce ankle and knee stress. 


The foot pedals are oversized and articulating to suit all people and everyone does not walk the same way. It is also used to reduce the numb toe effect and the sore tendons. The angle of these foot pedals is effective and special to this machine. It helps you to adjust the pedals the way you walk to prevent you from feeling discomfort when you exercise. Also, it helps you to set the proper angle for your feet and spans from heel to toe. 

Its 2 wheels move pedals smoothly and are stable. Finally, this design protects you from performing destructive side foot motion.


There are 2 handlebars with stationary handlebars that consist of a built-in pulse sensor for monitoring the heart rate. The large handlebars allow several different options, it also allows you to target different upper body muscles. It ensures that you can find a comfortable position to exercise in. Through moving handlebars, you can adjust the resistance and incline levels.

Bluetooth speakers:

You can sync your phones/ tablets with built-in speakers via bluetooth and play your favorite music during your workouts.

USB ports:

You can hook up your phone to charge it while working out.

Tablet Holder:

There is a tablet holder that is built in over the console that won’t block your view of the LCD screen.


There is a fan that helps to refresh you while you are doing your workouts.

10 workout programs:

If you are into fitness tracking, you can download the free sole app. The Sole E55 is also compatible with other popular fitness apps (Apple Health, Fitbit, and Record).

The machine does not pack its consoles with workout programs you will never use.

It provides the 10 basic programs and includes 2 heart rate programs, 2 user-defined programs, and the manual setting.

Workouts include 10 standard options:

Hill – Cardio – Fat burn – Strength – Interval – Heart rate – Time – Distance – Speed – RPM – Watts – Calories – Pulse – Incline.

Horizon Evolve 5

The evolve 5 is effective for all ages; it affords a level of resistance for its heavy flywheel. Plus, it includes 9 programs and resistance levels for variety and challenge. It is not a complex machine, it is designed more for fitness. In Addition to the resistance, it provides a smooth and quiet mechanism due to its heavy-duty 15.4 pounds flywheel. It has many options like the tablet rack, water bottle holder, built-in speakers, and LCD screen. It also includes a built-in spe of the plugs. 

While the LCD screen is a 6.25-inch blue backlit screen, it provides a workout feed to monitor your calories, distance, cardio, speed, heart rate, RPM, and resistance. 

The horizon evolves 5, includes 39 onboard workouts that give you programs for distance, performance, and calories. It has no Bluetooth systems or any incline levels. Additionally, it has one of the most compact footprints that can weigh users up to 300 pounds. The foot pedals are oversized, which helps for stability and comfort. It is a narrow Q factor which is the distance between pedals that helps in reducing stress on the back and hips. 

It is one of the best elliptical machines for easy folding and has more workout presets. They use a via-fit wireless connectivity system that can share your workout data with different apps. Therefore, the Horizon evolves 5 is large on features but small in size that is more than perfect for people who are looking to up their fitness ante and passionate about the fitness goals. 

Last but not least, the clear console graphics keep you on track to achieve your goals as well as your fitness will be improved by the 10 levels of resistance that allow you to increase workouts. Finally, you can add your twist to take your workers further than ever. 

If you want to watch movies or listen to music, it’s easy for you to entertain yourself while sweating by connecting to the content that moves you to stay challenged and become fitter.

Also, when it comes to its dimensions; the evolve 5 provides a compact measurement of 41 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 69 inches high.

Note: Most ellipticals flywheels are between 18-20 pounds while the evolve 5 is a 23 which is the heavier offered in the industry for the compact ellipticals.

Key Specs: 

  • Flywheel


  • Stride Length

20 inches

  • Frame

Front Drive System

  • Incline  


  • Resistance Levels

10 levels; electronically adjustable

  • Fans 


  • Screen 

6.25 inch back lit LCD

  • Weight Capacity 

300 Lbs/ 136 KG

  • Product Weight    

66 KG 

  • Workout Feedback  

Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance levels, heart rate, & Watts.

  • Warranty 

Lifetime frame, 3 years electronics, and parts.

  • Compact design.
  • Heavier Flywheel.
  • Great Value.
  • More built-in programming.
  • Shorter Warranty.
  • A shorter Frame can decrease stability.
  • Product Warranty:

If you want to buy this product, Here is the product warranty for 4 different places.

Matrix Fitness Warranty:

Home Use Commercial

7 years5 years2 years2 years
7 years3 years2 years1 year

Vision Fitness Warranty:

Home use Commercial

7 years5 years2 years2 years
7 years3 years1 year1 year

Horizon Warranty:

5 years5 years2 years1 year

Tempo Fitness Warranty:

5 years2 years1 year1 year
  • The Sale price will be $1,499 with $300 off MSRP.

If you are interested in this machine, take a look for an in-depth review:

  • Frame:

This machine comes with a 23-pound Flywheel that makes it ideal for those who enjoy the option of high resistance. The evolve 5 has a folding frame that can easily fold the frame vertically. It has also a solid frame that weighs a 300Lbs max weight capacity. It comes with 20 levels of resistance and features a 20-inch stride length. The evolve 5 is the elliptical machine in the horizon’s rear folding and front-drive collection. It is known for its solid fitness equipment and having a good warranty. 

The frame is all hydraulic, so it is easy for the user to fold it up and store it in any place. It has a heavier flywheel that weighs 23 Lbs. 

The pedals are close together to maintain a flatter elliptical motion. It presents a six-star design that ensures you get the most out of every workout.

     1) The natural foot pedal that pedals maintain an elliptical motion.

     2) Smooth momentum that uses a large drive to create a smoother stride. 

  • Ideal handle spacing that static and moving handles are designed to be the ideal distance for different users height and type.
  • Straight body posture helps in maintaining your body into an upright position from the placement of the handles.
  • Optimal pedals placement helps to eliminate stress on your back and hips by having the pedals close together.
  • A low step-in height that has a pedal close to the ground is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for full-body cardio.
  • Pedals:

The distance between the pedals is narrow due to the flywheel that is located anteriorly. This distance decreases the amount of stress on joints and knees. While the footpads are cushioned helps your foot to feel more comfortable and prevent stress.

  • Handlebars:

There are 2 handlebars that the stationary one helps in getting on and off the machine safely and are ergonomically placed that have pulse grips to monitor your heart rate. 

The handlebars were not located too high or too low, they were positioned in a neutral position so the arms are comfortably positioned. The machine keeps your body in an upright posture that decreases your back pain and to feel comfortable working out for a long time.

  • The Console:

The horizon evolves console design is the same as any other elliptical. The console contains a screen that is 6.25 inch blue backlit LCD, it has a viafit connectivity if the passport is ready, and has built-in speakers to play your favorite workout music.

  • The LCD Screen: 

Helps you to monitor and track your time, speed, distance, number of calories burned, RPM, heart rate, and resistance level. The LCD screen is 6.25 inch blue backlit.

  • Passport Ready:

Passport is something unique to johnson fitness. The passport player can connect to your entertainment system that is already built into the console. The passport player displays your workout data on the television with high-definition footage of real-world locations. To get the passport player, you have to pay the usual 199$, while if you want to experience different workout locations in packaging that includes 6 locations (99$ per pack).

  • Visit Connectivity:

You can set up an ID account on the vita fitness website to save and share workout data via WIFI.

Heart rate monitoring can be measured by the contact sensors that are only built into the static handles.

Up to 4 users can be saved in the viafit account.


The horizon evolves 5 has 37 programs to choose from that include the custom workout program category. The workout program categories are Manual, calories, Distance, Steps, Intervals, and Performance.

The Bowflex M6

The Bowflex Max M6 provides full-body workouts that make the low impact training more intense by not only toning muscles but also building cardio endurance and burning calories. The Bowflex M6 features a stair stepper motion and the elliptical that has no impact on joints. Some people feel that they are exhausted from using this machine which may cause pain in their knees and hip from all the stepping motion. The Bowflex M6 tried to comfort as much as they can by changing the motion of the pedals to lift under your foot rather than to repeat up and down motion. This machine is not just for the lower body, it is also for the upper body by allowing users to engage their upper body muscles while you are focusing on the lower body conditioning. The pedals design is designed to give the elliptical feel by moving the pedals and at the same time handling the static handlebars. Thus, the multi-grip handles make agile, comfortable movements. 

Also, this machine is really good for athletic training. You can also monitor the burn rate display through the front screen. It helps in monitoring the heart rate by simply holding the integrated contact grips. There are also 16 levels of resistance that would challenge the dedicated fitness trainers.

In addition to the features, the machine comes with five pre-programmed workouts: calorie burn, fat burn, stairs, manual, and max 14 minutes interval. 

It has a platform called the JRNY app that has both onboard workouts and more workouts videos. The JRNY program monitors your workouts, assesses your fitness level, and finally suggests/ increases fitness competence to achieve your goals. 

This type of program with the 16 levels of resistance makes the workout more challenging, new, and adventurous.

Key Specs: 

  • Flywheel                                            


  • Incline                                                


  • Magnetic media rack


  • Stride Length

15’ non-adjustable

  • Larger Repositioned Console                        


  • Folding


  • Levels of resistance 


  • Weight capacity

300 Lbs

  • Fans 


  • Burn Rate Display


  • Screen 

LCD screen

  • Built-in heart rate monitor


  • Warranty Labor

2 years frame and parts; 90 days 

  • It Burns more calories.
  • Is compatible with both upper and lower body conditioning.
  • JRNY app that includes a free trial for customized plans and virtual personal trainer.
  • Stepper and Elliptical feel.
  • Multiposition of the handlebars.
  • Programs that do not require a subscription (available video workouts).
  • 16 resistance levels.
  • Smallest footprint.
  • Short warranties (3 years warranty offer limited)
  • More energy than the standard elliptical.
  • Noisier than other ellipticals that can not be ideal for working out at night.
  • The JRNY app subscription after 2 months trial.

Note: After the 2 months free trial, The JRNY app can be subscribed for $20 per month.

If you get interested in this machine, you can scroll down to read in-depth more features of this model.


The M6 trainer model consists of 2 stabilizers that are Rear/Front drive systems that have four levelers that can be adjusted individually. 

The pedal legs attach the frame assembly that moves connected with handlebars, so when one moves the other does. Plus, the ergonomic foot pedals have a rim that helps the foot not slide forward or backward. 

The foot pedals and handlebars move in cooperation with each other which creates a coordinated feel. On the other hand, the M6 trainer makes it noisier than the other elliptical, so it is not preferable to exercise at night or anyone sleeping at home.


The foot pedals are wide and can work with any size shoe. There is a ledge and a texture that helps your shoe not slip and creates stability. The pedal motion made it in the category of elliptical even though it is more related to a stepper. Additionally, whatever you do (Lifting or pressing down), the pedal supports your motion.


The M6 trainer consists of 3 handles:

  1. The first one is the stationary one that does not move but attaches to the console.
  2. The second handle is the EKG that works on the lower body by focusing on your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
  3. The third handle is a pair of moving handles with two different extensions that work symmetrically together with pedals. This handle works on your wrists, shoulders, and elbows in alignment. While the upward grid works on the shoulders, Chests, and Lats. Therefore, pulling and pushing can target the biceps and triceps.


It provides 16 different resistance levels that adjust your workout each time. You can adjust the level of resistance from the button on the console to level it up or down.


It consists of an LCD/ LED screen, buttons, bottle holder, and phone holder.

The LCD Screen: 

It is used to display personal metrics such as time, resistance levels, and distance. 

The LCD screen displays sprint, time, heart rate, workout graph, and resistance level. While the LED screen looks like a speedometer that displays total calories, targets calorie zone, and adjusts all of these based on the burn rate of calories per minute.

The Buttons: 

  • MAX buttons: To start the max 14 interval program by clicking the Max button to provide you a targeted burn rate for interval training based on the results of the final assessment and previous workout.
  • Time buttons: To adjust more time to the program with an additional time button.
  • User buttons: This machine gives you access to sign your user profile but it gives you two users only that customize workouts based on their goals, weight, height, and assessment.
  • Programs buttons: You can click the program button to see all the options.
  • Enter/start/pause/ Stop: There are buttons to begin your workout program by entering the green button while pausing or stopping by entering the red button.
  • Resistance control buttons: There are resistance control buttons from the left to the right side of the console that allows you to increase/decrease your resistance at any time.

The storage holder:

There is a space for your bottle below the console if you wonder where you will put your bottle.

Phone/Tablet holder:

There is a holder for your phone or tablet below the screens.

What is good about this machine?

If you keep asking what is the benefit of the M6 Bowflex machine, you will find out that it will guide you through various resistance and intensities. If you have a goal, this machine will help you out to achieve it by getting all the information needed for metric readouts. 

The JRNY and onboard workouts help you to keep active and provide training variables. Even if you have no subscription to JRNY after the 2 months trial, you will have classes that may help you on the machine.

What are the benefits of a JRNY application?

Here are the benefits that you will gain from this app: The JRNY App is different from other fitness Apps since it determines your conditioning level and provides customized training. To start, you will have a virtual trainer who will coach you through personalized workouts. 

They created it through your workout history, it helps you to not only burn calories but also to improve your fitness. Max guides users in the right direction to achieve their fitness. It provides a customized program that helps in adjusting the target burn rate and length of each workout. If you did not achieve your target calories burn rate, Don’t worry! They will create instructions to suit your energy level by slowing down / speeding up to make sure you stay on target.

Note: JRNY app is compatible with most android devices with minimum version 6.0 and all Apple devices on IOS 12.0.

  • Don’t worry if your tablet locks the LCD screen when you are trying to log into the app as you can place your tablet on the holder for use during workout and control it by the buttons.

Sole E25

The Sole E25 is the most affordable machine that suits the needs of most users and offers an affordable exercise experience without hurting joints and tendons.

The Sole E25 works for all your major muscle groups as it works from head to toe. It is a front-drive elliptical with a 2o pound flywheel. It offers 20 stride-length pedals, 20 inclines, and resistance levels. It gives you the ability to smooth forward and reverse motion of the pedals to reduce joint impact and reduce strain on the elbows, knees, shoulders, and hips. Therefore, you will stay comfortable throughout your entire routine.

The Sole elliptical fitness also has cushioned pedals that are not found on any other cross-trainers and glide smoothly. It provides features starting from the Bluetooth speakers ending up with the 6.5 inch LCD. In Addition to features, it supports the 10 workout modes to ensure heart rate training, weight loss, and workouts. 

The Sole E25 is compatible with the sole fitness App that helps users to sync their treadmill workout data with their favorite fitness applications like Apple health, My Fitness Pal, and Fitbit to set up their workouts and track their progress too. 

It also has a good brand history by sole’s great reputation for their quality products and design. It is covered by the sole’s impressive lifetime warranty with 5 years coverage on the motor.

It always attracts people for its combination of price and quality as it is priced under $1000 and suits people’s fitness needs.

Key Specs:

  • Flywheel 

20 Lbs

  • Incline


  • Resistance level 


  • Tablet holder


  • Stride length 

20 inches

  • Weight capacity

350 Lbs

  • Folding


  • LCD Screen

6.5 inch LCD

  • Bluetooth Speakers


  • Fans


  • Dimensions

70’L x24’W x 71’H

  • Warranty

Sole lifetime time frame; 5 years motor, 3 years on electronics and parts; 1-year labor    


This elliptical is really good for home use that does not rock when in use and it helps to gain cardiovascular conditioning and full-body muscle strengthening while staying low impact for the comfort.

  • Good features for a low price.
  • An affordable full-body workout.
  • Quality.
  • Does not require the internet.
  • Resistance is silent so you can work out at any time.
  • 20 power incline levels.
  • The LCD screen is easy to use.
  • Its unique cushioned pedals.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Resistance with 20 levels.
  • Basic console.
  • The stride length can not be shortened to 20’.
  • The footprint size does not fold up.
  • 10 built-in programs.
  • No subscription content play on the console.
  • The Sale price will be not less than $1000 so it’s cheap with the best quality compared to other compact ellipticals.

If you think Sole E25 is good for use, check out the in-depth review of the machine:

  • Frame:

The E25 has 3 supporting stabilizers, the front, center, and rear machine. 

It is a front-drive system in which the pedals extend behind the flywheel. The 3 stabilizers make it more suitable for home use by keeping the E25 centered on the floor and preventing it from rocking and coming from side to side. On the other hand, it can not be folded or moved from one space to another. 

The pedal track allows the elliptical to be lifted but we recommend putting a flat carpenter or putting the elliptical on a hard floor with a mat. 

There are 2 sets of handles: the rotating upright handlebars and stationary handlebars. 

  • The stationary handlebars are helpful to set on and off the machine. The handlebars and Pedals are directly connected to create a fluid motion between hands and feet.
  • Pedals:

A unique cushioned pedal with a texture that protects your feet from slipping. The pedals are a foamed structure that reduces ankle and knee stress. The pedals can work with any athletic shoe. you can easily change your body position because you can hover your foot off the back edge.

  • Handlebars:

As we mentioned above, 2 handlebars move inline with pedals to create smooth fluid motion. While the stationary handlebars are attached to the frame of the machine when you stand on them. The handlebars help in providing a full-body workout and can be rotated so it gives you the ability to control resistance and incline without removing your hands from the handlebars.

  • Stride Length:

The stride length is suitable for all people and this is one of the most popular for sole E25. The stride length is 20 which works well with shorter and taller people.

  • Incline:

The Sole E25 has 20 levels of resistance and 20 levels of incline which makes it more challenging. Even though it is more challenging, it is a low-impact workout machine. The incline helps you to target different muscle groups so when you change the incline level, you target another muscle group. Thus, when you increase the Incline Level, you target the posterior muscle groups (glutes, calves, and inner thighs). While working out with no incline level, it targets the anterior muscles of the quadriceps, tendons that enclose the knee, and finally the tibialis anterior.

You have the option to choose the elliptical to run automatically to control the incline that will adjust for you and you run it manually where you can control your incline level.

  • Resistance:

The Sole E25 has a magnetic resistance that does not make any noise and is virtually silent that giving you the ability to exercise at any time of the day. The resistance levels are 20 so when you increase it, it may make a sound so we recommend placing a mat under the machine to stop the noise of the pedals.

  • The Console:

There is a wide space below the screen to set your phone or tablet on. There are two speakers and a fan at the top of the console. The fan is not powerful but at least gives you the feeling of airflow, while the speakers work time but are only present to play your music through the console due to the no audio included in the workout programs. You can plug your phone (android) (iPhone) into the Aux ports and get volume through speakers if desired. You do not want to use the Aux ports to play your music, there is bluetooth that you can sync your phone via bluetooth as well. In addition to the music, you can charge your phone while working from the built-in USB port.

This machine is well built with good quality, but the technology is simple. It does not have any subscription, providing video programs you can download. It is built for the people who just want to get on and enjoy their moment without the hassle of the internet problems as it has no this feature.

The screen is a smaller 6.5′ inch screen that does not have a color but maintains much of the functionality found on the expensive models. 

You can see the 10 preloaded workout programs on this screen but they do not need a subscription or internet connection.

The Console features:

It includes Fans, a tablet holder, Bluetooth, and a USB port.

Fans: Fans are not as powerful as you think, it refreshes you while working out with airflow.

Tablet Holder: There is a space for your tablet/phone that will hold most devices securely with different sizes. This feature is really important in this machine because you have no internet connection so it has to set your phone in the holder at the top of the console to watch your favorite movie or workout. 

Bluetooth: You can sync with a mobile phone/tablet to the machine to play your favorite music. It has another importance to sync your chest strap to monitor your heart rate on the screen.

USB port: You can use your USB port to charge your phone while working out and watching your favorite movie/ fitness techniques or any program to motivate you more.

  • You have to make sure you have enough room before buying this machine but there are wheels on the front stabilizer and a steel bar at the base that can be rolled and lifted.

10 Preloaded workouts: 

The 10 preloaded workouts can be used with no internet connection and subscription. They will guide you through various resistance and intensities.

  • 6 Standard programs.
  • 2 Heart programs.
  • 2 custom programs.

Note: The 10 preloaded workouts do not operate due to their internet connection so you know what is coming next there are no customized workouts but it has a simple and understandable program that does not need internet.

If you think you need these features; it will be the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions regarding the ellipticals, Don’t worry this part will answer all the questions in your head!

How does walking compare to working out on an elliptical?

You can burn more calories on an elliptical machine. The elliptical machine burns around 365 calories if you exercise for an hour, but walking burns 314 calories for an hour. The elliptical has a low impact on joints so it puts less stress on knees and hips joints, it is an advantage for people who have a joint injury while people with back injuries walking are better for them.

How long should a person use the elliptical each day?

It depends on the reason you use the elliptical if you use it for weight loss. The elliptical should not be the only workout you do; you have to make strength training aside so if you want to make the elliptical only. You will use the elliptical for an hour a day, but if you do strength training aside you will make 15 minutes a day.

Do compact ellipticals have the same effect as regular exercise?

The compact ellipticals do have the same effect as it is the same machine but a space saver so there is no difference between the compact and the regular one.

How fast can a person lose on an elliptical?

It depends on several factors such as how many calories you will burn on an elliptical that you may burn 350- 450 per hour at a moderate level. According to Harvard Medical school, you can burn around 2.16 calories of body weight for every pound.


These were the best 5 compact ellipticals that may suit your needs with all the information you might search for. May all your days be filled with health, success, and love. 

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